Opinion About Smartwatches

According to the popular perspective, the money spent on a smartwatch is a complete waste. You might have heard it yourself but fortunately, the popular opinion is not always the correct one. Smart watches are not only capable of telling time but something beyond to add to the convenience.

Try to develop your own judgment by going through all the tasks a watch that connects to phone is capable of. The article is more for the people who are already of an opinion that smartwatches don’t have any benefit to offer rather than the ones who want to know more about it.

Although, the latter half has an edge in accessing everything from a critical perspective and making the right decision in the end.

Go through the article to potentially transform your assumption about smartwatches. These are some straight benefits of buying the best smartwatches for Android and iPhone.

Navigate through step by step directions

Are you tired of using E-maps on a large screen every time you need to take a turn? Smartwatches are a huge plus when you travel to unknown locations. Many options like the Apple watch offer different vibration patterns to convey the directions.

Instead of sticking the smartphone out of the pocket every time, you have the directions right on your wrists. Although the map is not visible on the smaller screen, the step by step commands are enough to reach the destination conveniently.

Find your phone quickly

Every smartwatch has a basic feature that is “Find my Phone”. As the watch is always connected to your phone, it sends the command to ring a bell and make its presence felt at any corner of a house.

It’s a really helpful feature to utilize when you can’t find the phone while getting late for an event. Also, the frustration of not finding the phone delays it even further.

Fitness tracking is evident

Fitness is a basic requirement for every human being. You cannot take your everyday performance lightly and the technology of the smartwatches has made it convenient to analyze.

Most of the smartwatches nowadays measure your calorie burn, steps taken, distance walked/jogged, heart rate analysis, pulse rate, sleeping time, etc. The average of everything sums up to give you the daily performance in terms of aiming for fitness. Some models even suit swimmers with adequate water resistance to tell the distance and speed.

Be socially active without much distraction

Social media has been a huge boon to everyone who wants to be aware of what’s going on around. But rather than helping you to hit the right spot, social media accounts have been a major distraction. Eliminating the extra time to find your phone to reply/check, ThinkSmartwatch.com helps you see the recent pop-ups on its screen.

You can be kept updated with every notification for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Just enable the feature and enjoy replying to every notification without flicking the phone out of the pocket. This feature is especially useful for regular runners, swimmers, and everyone who requires an extra effort to use their phone on the go.

Better battery life than a Smartphone

A smartwatch containing a smaller screen has a relatively lesser area to emit light. It offers a considerable jump in the time you stay connected to all those apps. Not only that but also with your smartphone in your pocket for most of the time, its usage is reduced offering better backup without looking for a charger every now and then.

Entertainment on your wrists

Just command the watch to play a song while traveling and it does it instantly. Tell it to call someone while driving a car and talk to them all along the way. Tell it to play your favorite video and swipe the boredom right away. All of this is as convenient as it sounds.

Obviously, the bigger screen of the smartphone offers better media quality but it can never match the quick navigation of a smartwatch compatible with Android and iPhone.