The essential reason why anyone writes is to grab the reader’s attention and to communicate with them. It’s difficult these days to create content that can stimulate the reader’s interest because there are so many other blog posts on every other topic you might want to write on. Writing requires special skills, and if your content provides the perfect format, the words your readers are looking for, and something that they understand, they will be much more willing to share your blog post with other people and increase your ranking. If you want to write blogs that rank on page number one, you need to make them more SEO-friendly, and here are the following ways through which you can do that:
SEO-Friendly Blogs


Before you begin to write your blog, you need to make sure that your blog contains all the right keywords. Keywords make your blog easier to search, so the first step to writing a more SEO-friendly blog is to research keywords and identify the right keyword for your blog. There are a few requirements on how your keyword should be like. Your keyword should be closely associated with your blog. It should represent what your blog is about. To identify the right keyword, it’s essential to know what the audience that you trying to target is searching for. You should have two kinds of keywords: a primary keyword and a secondary one. Your primary keyword should represent your whole blog, and you should also choose one or two secondary keywords that are closely related to your primary keyword and help make your blog more SEO-friendly. Last but not least, when selecting the right keyword, choose a keyword with a meager competition rate.


What matters the most in your blog post is what kind of content you have written and how you have written it. Your blog has to have good content that can attract readers.

Brainstorming on the Topic

A lot of writers start writing before actually brainstorming on what they are going to write and how they are going to represent it. This way, they cannot create the kind of blog post that can capture the audience's attention, and their writing fails. To make sure that your blog is ranked number one, it’s essential that you first think about the topic you are going to write on. You need to think about your blog post's central idea and theme. You need to think about what topics readers want to read the most.

Structure of your Content

After you have clearly thought about the topic and the main idea of your blog post, the second thing you should do to start writing is to create a structure for your blog post. Your blog post should be divided into three parts: An introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Usage of Paragraphs

One thing that makes the content you have written more attractive is the usage of paragraphs. Knowing how to use paragraphs in your writing is an essential writing skill. Focus on how to start your paragraph. Your new paragraph should only begin when you have a new idea to add to your topic. Each paragraph that you use should have its own central idea.

Headings and Sub-Headings

Another thing to remember while writing an SEO-friendly blog is to use headings. Headings are basically the summary in a few words or the topic of your paragraph. Your blog post should contain headings and subheadings because it makes it easier for search engines like Google to grasp the concept of long posts more easily. According to 7dollaressay, another thing to add that can make your blog more SEO-friendly is to use the keyword you have identified in one or two headings of your paragraphs to make it easier to know that this is the right content you have been searching for.

Limited Word Count

The content that you have written should have a limited word count. The most helpful tip while writing an SEO-friendly blog is to keep in mind that your blog post should not be less than 300 words and more than 2000 because writing 300 words or more words gives clear and enough information to assist search engines in grasping the concept of what you have written and to rank it better.

Grammatically Correct Content

Another essential thing to remember while writing a blog post is to make sure your writing is grammatically correct. It should contain no errors, and all the sentences should have the proper structure. Many essay writing services can guide you in creating well-written content. Not only do readers expect well-written, high-quality content, but search engines like Google also rank your blog post according to the grammar and spelling used.

Internal Linking

As a blogger, you write posts on similar topics every day. Suppose you have written on the same topic previously and you are writing it again. In that case, you must link them together so that your audience knows that you have a good command of this topic, and this is also important for search engines to rank your blog post better.

Write Regularly

As a writer, you must show search engines that your blog is active. To do that, you need to regularly write content for your blog to keep your readers interested and ensure you stay on high ranks on a search engine.


Basic SEO tricks are not enough to write SEO-friendly blogs that rank on page one more than anymore. As a writer needed more to create high-quality, well-written content that will grab the search engine's attention. If your content is attractive enough, it will attract more audience, and there’s a high chance that your blog post will rank on page one.