Lawn Chemicals and Cancer

In 2018, it was estimated that there would be 1.7 million new cases of diagnosed cancers.

Some of those cancers may be caused by the chemicals used to treat your lawn.

Is your flawless yard actually making you sick? While your lawn might be pristine and weed-free, the lawn chemicals could be causing cancer. Learn more here.

How Lawn Chemicals Can Cause Cancer

Research has suggested that some of the chemicals in the treatments you use for your lawn can actually cause cancer in some people.

To look into some of the cases, you can check out this site.

Because there are so many chemicals in each treatment, it's hard to pinpoint precisely which chemical or combination of chemicals triggers cancer.

Where Are These Chemicals Found?

Yes, these chemicals can be found in the fertilizer you use, but they can also be found in pesticides and herbicides.

Here, we'll break down each chemical that could cause cancer.


Fertilizers are great for making your lawn look lovely and green, but when you water your grass, those chemicals can wash off your lawn and find their way into your drinking water.

All the chemicals that are in the fertilizer you're using could also be causing your cancer.

For your safety and for the benefit of the environment, you should limit your use of fertilizers whenever possible. If you need to use it, make sure that you use it carefully. 


Some pesticides contain arsenic, which has been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

If you are just putting pesticides on your lawn, it may not pose as big of a threat to you because you aren't exposed to it enough for it to make a difference.

However, if someone like an agricultural worker is exposed to it all the time, they have a higher risk of getting cancer.

Herbicides are also another thing to be concerned about.

Most herbicides contain a chemical like 2,4-D. While the evidence is limited on this specific chemical, the International Agency for Research has been researching it to see if there is a link.

Regardless, this is a harsh chemical; you should avoid using it when possible. 

How to Protect Yourself

Before you start panicking, there are things that you can do to protect yourself from these lawn chemicals while still making sure that your lawn looks excellent.

If you do need to use these chemicals, make sure that you wear a mask and some gloves so that you aren't breathing in the chemicals or exposing your skin to them.

Ensure that any children or pregnant women aren't exposed to these chemicals.

Ensure you read the ingredients and follow the directions carefully when handling these chemicals. Iunsure, hiring a professional may be better.

If you put down fertilizer or pesticides, it's best to limit your exposure in your yard afterward. You will just be breathing in the chemicals you just laid down. 

Find Treatment for Cancer

If you do get cancer from some lawn chemicals, there are different treatment options available for you.

There may even be some natural treatments.

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