Carpet Care

If you've just installed new carpeting, keeping it clean is likely your top priority. With proper care and maintenance, the carpet can last for years to come. Here are three simple steps to keep it in good shape.

Protect It Against Shoes and Foot Traffic

The most obvious way to protect your new carpet is to minimize the amount of dirt that comes in contact with it. Leave a shoe rack near your front door or in your mudroom, so visitors know to remove their shoes before stepping onto the carpet. If this is a little too strict for your liking, you can instead choose to place area rugs down in high-traffic areas of your home. These rugs will protect the carpet underneath from dirt and wear.

If you decide to use area rugs, remember to wash them regularly, as they'll be accumulating dirt. They might be less expensive than the carpet, but they're still worth caring for. When you clean the carpet, remember to move the area rugs aside and clean the space underneath.

Clean Up Spills the Right Way

When food or drink spills on your carpet, you'll need to clean up the mess as soon as you can. Letting it sit in place for too long can lead to unsightly stains and odors.

Rubbing the area with a towel is the wrong way to go about the process, as it'll only mat the carpet's fibers and possibly spread the stain. Instead, spray the area with a cleaning solution, let it soak, and then blot it with a towel. Do this until the stain is lifted.

You have multiple options when it comes to a cleaning solution. If you don't have a commercial cleaner on hand, simply use a mixture of liquid dishwashing detergent and water. Vinegar and water is another combination that works well for carpet cleaning purposes.

Make a Habit of Vacuuming

Most cleaning experts recommend vacuuming a hardwood floor once a week. But your carpeted floors will accumulate more dirt than wood and tile. Vacuum your carpet twice a week, and ensure you're achieving a deep clean by relying on the best rated canister vacuum.

Look for models like the ZeroG, which features a twin motor system and a powerbrush for effective suction power. The result will be cleaner carpet fibers, free of dirt and pet dander.

The ZeroG is also lightweight and extremely maneuverable; it glides around on a cushion of air, so it's easier to reach every corner of the room. Remember to rearrange furniture as you clean. This will ensure you don't miss any portions of the room, and it prevents indentations from appearing in the carpet.