Unlike usual photography techniques where the aim is to look glamorous, corporate headshots photography is different. Looking glamorous is part of it, but looking professional is much more critical. Many ideas come together to make the perfect corporate headshot. It is a combination of several shooting angles, posture, quality of the camera, and wardrobe choices. Wardrobe choices make a big part of any photo shoot and hence the need to be careful about your options.

Here are 7 ideas that should guide you into choosing the right wardrobe for the day:

The Color Of The Outfit

Most people tend to go for the block colours such as white and black. While these are perfect colours for the professional look you desire, they are not necessarily the best for a corporate headshot. The white colour is usually too bright and might give the photographer a hard time finding a background contrast colour for the shot.
On the other hand, black is also cliché and old fashioned. It makes it look obvious that you dressed for the portrait. To stand out, try other block colours such as blue or red for women and grey or blue for men.

The Style

The design of the clothes chosen matters a lot. For a corporate look, you want to get it perfect. It should be neither too revealing nor out-fashioned. Strive to find a balance by choosing a classic and trendy outfit. However, it shouldn’t be too trendy that it spoils the professional look. Avoid turtlenecks, short sleeves and sleeveless styles, and stuffed patterns. A simple outfit with an outlined neckline should suffice.


The most popular advice on accessories is to keep them minimal. Avoid dangly and shiny accessories as they have flashback effects with the camera lights. For women, for instance, simple studs and a thin necklace should do it for the professional look. As much as possible, men should avoid accessorizing themselves. The mainstream tie should be enough.

Be ready for a change of clothes

Your photographer is likely to suggest not only several poses to capture the best shot, but also a change of outfit. Two or three change of clothes should be enough for corporate headshots photography as you are not trying to endorse a clothing brand.

Do not come already dressed

It is advisable not to focus too much on dressing for the shoot as you may never know what will happen before you get to the studio or before the photographer comes to you. A seat belt crease or a simple coffee spill on your outfit can ruin everything. Therefore, do not be caught unawares; dress for the camera when you see it, literally!

The make up

This is a crucial part of grooming. It is a significant wardrobe choice that goes a long way in determining if your look is professional or not. A minimalistic makeup look is recommended. Choose modest colours that match your skin tone and make you look natural.

The Hair

For men, avoid brightly coloured hair dyes and do not go for a haircut just before the shoot. It makes you look unnatural and unreal as it may appear as if you got the cut for the portrait only. Give your hair a week or so to grow to an appropriate size unless you keep a bald style. For women, choose a simple hairstyle. For those with longer hair, be sure to tie it and style it professionally. Use modest hair clips and do not exaggerate your hair colours as well.

Corporate headshots photography gives you a chance to represent your professional brand. Do your best to look the part without necessarily looking different from your normal daily look.