Drinking 8 Glasses of Water Daily

Water is one of the most important aspects of our life. We use it for our daily needs and it is our main source of survival. But despite all its importance, a lot of people still don’t completely understand its value. How you may ask? By not knowing the full benefits it provides when we consume it.

55 to 60 percent of our body consists of water. That says a lot about how vital it is for us to stay hydrated at all times. Also, the reason why some people neglect the continuous intake of water is that they think they have already consumed enough water to last them for a day.

What they don’t realize is that, even if we aren’t running or working out, we are continuously going through perspiration in order to maintain a regular body temperature. That is why a few glasses of water aren’t going to cut it.

Water is an important nutrient for our body. That is why it is vital that we should keep our hydration in check because whether we exercise or not, water in our body is utilized and we need to keep our water levels in check at all times.

However, people find it a bit difficult to keep up with the quota of ‘8 glasses of water a day’. Drinking too much leads to too many distracting bathroom visits. But once you get to know the benefits of regulating your water levels on a daily basis, you will find that your bathroom visits are worth the trouble. 

Regulates Body Temperature

As mentioned before, whether we are moving or not, our body is continuously perspiring at rest in order to maintain our internal body temperature.

Through sweating, our body is cooled down to match our internal body temperature, especially in the summer when we consistently sweat. But if we don’t have enough water within our body, the sweat uses up everything until there is nothing left, which causes our body to go into dehydration and increases the temperature in our body.

Gets Rid of Harmful Toxins

When our organs conduct their daily functions, they also develop harmful toxins in the process which can be naturally flushed out of the body through sweating, urination and excretion.

But in order for them to be naturally flushed out, there is an urgent need for water to complete the task. Through naturally detoxifying them via the lungs, livers and kidneys, we save ourselves from dangerous body diseases such as infections of the urinary tract and reduce the number of kidney stones.

The way water helps to prevent health problems is that for the urinary tract infection, a lot of intake of water speeds up the urine process, making it harder for any of the harmful bacteria in the urine to reach the walls of the urethra. As for the kidney, the more we drink water, the more dilute the concentration of minerals in our kidneys become, making them less prone to become hard and form clumps. 

Helps in Forming Saliva and Mucus

The key component of mucus and saliva is water. These two are very important as their functions serve an important role in digesting our food.

The saliva in our mouth helps us to break down the food and keep our mouth moist at all times. The mucus helps to lubricate the nose so that dust particles and other harmful bacteria in the air does not enter our body.

Furthermore, the mucus layer in our oesophagus helps the food to easily move its way into the stomach. There is also a layer of mucus present in our intestines that helps the feces get excreted out of our body with the help of peristaltic movement. 

Increases Physical Performance

Our physical performance depends highly on the amount of water we consume. The more water we consume, the better our performance is. The less we consume it, the more it affects our performance.

Lack of water intake during strenuous activities hinders the fluids in our muscle cells, which can make them shrivel up and cause fatigue. This can make it hard to continue your activities and also decreases your motivation in the process. 

Aids in Weight Loss

Your weight is maintained through drinking adequate amounts of water because it helps to shed unnecessary fat, works as a catalyst to speed up your metabolism which helps to burn calories faster and also acts as the perfect natural suppressant for your appetite.

Water rich meals require more chewing due to its higher volume and it takes longer to digest them all which is why you get so full even after having a small amount of water enriched meal.

Enhances Brain Activity

A large quantity of our brain is made from water, which shows that the more water we drink, the more thinking capacity we develop.

Lack of water intake can misbalance the amount of fluid in our brain, causing our brains to shrink in size and unable to maintain its proper functions.

If we can keep our minds hydrated, we have high levels of improvement in our thinking and concentration skills. Our mental stability is enhanced which boosts up our mood, prevent headaches that are caused by dehydration and increase our brain power to function at its best capabilities. 

The Best Remedy for your Skin

So far, water has proven to be a great health benefactor when it comes to our internal health. But did you know it can also do wonders for your exterior health such as your skin?

The more water you intake, the more hydrated your skin gets which prevents acne, dullness and flakey dry skin surfaces. It also works as an anti-aging agent that helps to prevent wrinkles and makes your skin become smooth and soft.

You can save up on a lot of money by ditching all those expensive creams and just let the water do the moisturizing of your skin instead.

You cannot deny the vast number of benefits that water intake does for you. That is why you should not neglect your thirst as it’s a sign of increasing dehydration.

For that purpose, invest in your own personal water well system so that you always have clean water supply to maintain your water levels and stay hydrated 24/7.

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