Stay in Shape After You Get Married

You've managed to snag the dream partner to spend the rest of your life with, congratulations! Both you and your spouse looked stunning on your big day, and you even framed the pictures to freeze the moment when you looked and felt your best. And why not! You took so much extra care of your health to fit into the dream dress for your wedding day, and it paid off. Now, as you journey through the next chapter in life, it's essential to keep living that same healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, we know that life happens and sometimes married couples may gain a few extra 'love pounds' after the happy day. While there is no direct correlation between marriage and gaining weight, a study from Southern Methodist University did, in fact, come to the conclusion that married couples do gain unnecessary weight after tying the knot. I, for one, would like to clear the air. While it does indicate you are susceptible to gain weight or lose that figure, it does not mean it is inevitable. Staying in shape does not only mean looking slim to remain attractive in the eyes of your partner, but it also means staying fit and healthy for the rest of your life.
To help avoid weight gain, experts strongly advise adopting healthy habits to stay in shape even after getting hitched.

1. Choose to Dine Smartly

It is common among newlyweds to enjoy date nights and dine out often. However, always eating out means having an unhealthy number of extra calories - from drinks, dinner, and who can say no dessert? Now that doesn't mean couples should avoid eating out but perhaps instead make it monthly activity.

Replace daily restaurant and take-out orders with home-cooked meals that will neither drain your wallet nor expand your waistline. Why? Because when you cook it yourself, you oversee the portions you use to make and eat.

If you find it unappealing to eat healthy because it challenges your taste buds, there are plenty of delicious but healthy cooking recipes available on the internet. Or even better, sign up to cooking classes with your partner as a bonding experience.

Fridge with Healthier Choices

2. Stock Your Fridge with Healthier Choices

Since you can't resist sweet treats, snacks, and fizzy soda - it's time to shape up your fridge. Stock up on healthy choices like crisp red apples or other fruits you may enjoy. Go green and keep low-calorie meats such as chicken and fish on hand. Try your best to leave out processed foods from your life - goodbye grilled cheese sandwiches. Next, shop together and pick out healthy food items you both can eat. It might prove difficult, but you both must make the journey together.

3. Find Healthy Activities to Do Together

For the most part, having a pleasant time with your significant other revolves around food-centered activities, such as going out to restaurants or curling up on a couch with fatty snacks. Change the tradition by choosing more active hobbies. Pick a day during the week where you challenge each other with a game of sports of your own choosing. If you're not into sports, mild activities like yoga, swimming, bike rides, or a walk around the neighborhood may be more your speed.

4. Work Out

Most importantly, work out together every day. In case you are a beginner, take baby steps, and introduce yourself to light workouts. You may use a classic treadmill or try fitness applications that track, guide and measure your progress every day. Pick exercises you like and are helpful to your current condition. Do not attempt to keep up with your partner, you probably have different stamina and physique, so keep your workouts tailored to yourself. You can think of many excuses of why you cannot exercise, but the truth is you only need 10-15 minutes daily to keep yourself in shape.

5. Stay Motivated

Staying in shape is not an extreme sport of starving yourself for a few months and then giving up by splurging on food. Nay, it is a lifestyle that must be maintained throughout your life. If you do not wish to look back 5-10 years later and regret your choices while wistfully gazing at your photographs from those prime days, start now and change your habits to healthy ones. It may be hard but not impossible. You can subscribe to health and fitness magazines, YouTube channels, or get a gym membership. Learn more and stay motivated.

Reduce Stress

6. Reduce Stress

Having an argument or two with your spouse is normal, if it doesn't escalate and cause your life to be stress-laden. Keep your work-related frustrations separate from your home life. Communicate clearly to each other and share whatever's on your mind without damaging your partner's mental health. Stress is one of the biggest reasons for binge eating. The more you are stress-stricken, the more you corrupt your healthy eating habits. Channel it into something constructive rather than gorging yourself and then feeling guilty about it. If your partner is lagging, do not body shame or criticize. Instead, subtly suggest if they would require your help to become healthy.

7. Stop the Mindless Eating

Just because you're both binge-watching the newest popular show, does not mean you have to munch on a bunch of unhealthy snacks. It can lead to mindless eating and thus cancelling out all your healthy efforts.

8. Bring Your Own Lunch

We all know what it is like to dream of your favorite food while working on a hungry stomach. As soon as you get your break, you rush out to your favorite place to grab a bite to eat. But taking in that much junk food can be harmful to your body. It is much better to bring your favorite homemade meals to work. It will not only save you the expense but also keep you away from all those unhealthy temptations.