Outfits For Dancers

Whether you’re a professional dancer or you’re just getting started, you need the right outfits if you want to succeed. The outfits dancers wear help them move freely, express themselves, and perform their amazing routines. If you’re heading to a dance rehearsal, practice, or performance soon, you want to wear the right things.

A lot of the leading fashion of today takes its inspiration from dance apparel. While you might not be able to get away with wearing street clothes as dance clothes. You can likely get away with wearing some dance outfits as street clothes. This guide featuring has you covered so you can move freely and look your best the next time you’re in the dance studio.

1. Leggings and Sports Bra

Of course, the natural choice is to choose any leggings and sports bra combo. This is a winning solution that works for any dance style. To channel your inner ballerina, choose something in a light, pastel color. If you’re more of a funky dancer, bring in some color and prints.

There’s nothing comfier than the right pair of leggings. Make sure you’re choosing something that’s flattering with a high-waisted top to give you coverage with just your sports bra. In addition, choose a bra that’s form fitting, stylish, and supportive.

2. Tank Top and Sweatpants

While this might not be the best look for your ballet class or any form of classical dance style, more modern dance genres work perfectly with this relaxed street style. Hip-hop and jazz classes are much more relaxed, and this outfit will be just what you need to feel comfortable and keep moving. 

3. Biker Shorts

One of the biggest trends in 2019 is biker shorts. While this might have been a look only seen on cyclists, it’s now transcending these limits. You can move and groove all you want in these comfortable shorts, and you’ll have more coverage than traditional spandex shorts. Pair your favorite biker shorts with an oversized t-shirt, sports bra, or even a belt. 

4. Tie an Oversized Top

Speaking of t-shirts, do you have a tank or top that you love to wear, but it’s always getting in the way? Dancers need to move freely without worrying about getting caught in their own outfits. A great way to DIY your own fitted clothes is by tying a knot in the front. This not only will give you more texture and style, but it’ll crop any shirt to keep it out of the way.
Coming Home Overdress
Coming Home Overdress

5. Light Dress

Yes, it’s possible to dance in an athletic dress. While this might not be something you’ve seen much of before, flowing, short dresses are perfect for dancers. Pair your favorite sports bra and shorts underneath for coverage and support, and let your dress move with your body. 

6. Unitard

There’s a reason so many dancers choose unitards. They’re easy to throw on before class, they look flattering on most body shapes, and they’re comfortable. When choosing a unitard, make sure you choose the right fit and one that’s in a classic color. You can’t go wrong with black, pink, or other neutral tones. 

7. Athletic Jacket

Athletic jackets are a way to transition your dance wardrobe through different seasons. They’re also a must for keeping your muscles warm and ready even during downtime. If you’re taking breaks between sets or routines, this time between movement can cool down your muscles.

An athletic jacket will keep your upper body warm, loose, and ready to move. It’s also a great idea to have an athletic jacket to take with you to and from the dance studio so you’re warm no matter the weather. 

8. Mesh Skirts

Mesh skirts are an example of dance fashion that’s become mainstream. You’ve seen mesh skirts all over the runway, but they’re also ideal for dancers. Easily slip a mesh skirt over your favorite spandex, unitard, or dance outfit to create a flowing effect perfect for all of your twists and turns. It’s lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the skirt weighing you down. You can find some great mesh skirts at any dance boutique.
Alexandra Layered Tutu
Alexandra Layered Tutu

9. Ballet Shoes

Don’t forget about your feet when you’re planning your dance outfits. The right footwear takes even the most average dancer to new heights. Ballet shoes are the perfect fit for most styles of dance, but you might choose a sneaker if you’re doing hip-hop or modern dancing.

10. Tutu

Finally, what dancer doesn’t dream of sporting their favorite tutu? Tutus have been used by dancers for centuries, and it’s a classic dance accessory you shouldn’t be afraid to rock on the dance floor. You can wear a tutu over your spandex shorts, unitard, or even tucked over another dance outfit.

Dance with Style

Your dance style reflects who you are as a dancer. Don’t be afraid to try something new with your outfit if you think it will add to your routine. Whether you’re a new dancer, learning a new style, or you’re a professional, you can use some dance outfit inspiration from time to time.

Can you use these outfit ideas above in your own dance routines or at the studio? Always talk to your studio about what dress code requirements they have before investing in new clothes. As long as you’re fearless with your style, you’ll make a splash onstage.