dress shirts
dress shirts

Reddit has millions of users, and the result is spectacular. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people join together to give the latest advice and share the newest tips. You can check Reddit's status for any updates here. For an ever-changing subject like fashion where trends and fads come and go in months, it can keep up. One subreddit called ‘Male Fashion Advice’ specializes in this niche for people of all ages.

For example, one thread is titled the “Official Prom Thread 2019” and links to resources from previous years. In addition, it offers a guide for anyone wanting to make sure that their night passes smoothly. Advice ranges from just wearing a black or grey suit instead of matching the color of the dress as well as not wearing a black shirt with a dark colored suit. Also, it reminds redditors that context is essential; what is acceptable and regarded as cool in one school may not be viewed as kindly at another school.

In addition, another thread discusses types of dress shirts, prices, and appropriate contexts for each kind. After all, there are dozens of the kinds of shirts, from broadcloth to twill to royal oxford. They have links to five price bins for expenses and even a link for inspiration in ways to dress. While they often come in white, it also offers ways to make sure that any color goes with the outfit and appropriate situations for each.

Besides just dressing, it offers methods of accessorizing as well. There is an entire guide titled “Guide to Sunglasses” where it talks about the technology behind polarized lenses and the importance of UV protection. In addition, it brings to mind that Luxottica owns the majority of the sunglasses industry but offers a list of independent creators as well. Popular styles listed are aviators, clubmasters, wayfarers, round frames, and square frames. It also provides the best sort of lenses for people with various face times, explaining that oval faces are capable of wearing all styles.

In addition, it brings to mind the versatility of wallets and their styles as well. One Redditor published a post with his personal top ten favorites and how they can pair with any style. Also, there is another post that offers five price bins for wallets to help those with a budget find the perfect one for them. Otherwise, they can look at the cool wallets listed here.

Other styles of wallets can be important to complete the ideal look. For example, there are some outfits that would only work with front-pocket wallets while others may require an Alpine Swiss wallet. Even then, the various materials and thickness are a factor as well when trying to purchase the perfect one.

Indeed, the amount of information on this subreddit could be enough to deter anyone from a fashion disaster. With daily threads for asking and answering questions, there is no reason anyone cannot be a fashion expert. Diving into the vast world of accessories and outfits no longer seems as daunting with thousands of guides out there to help anyone looking to remodel their style and taste.