Strengthen Your Female
Strengthen Your Female
Yoni means "holy temple" in Sanskrit and is the metaphor for your vagina and womb. Your yoni is the most vulnerable and absorbing part of the female body. She is like a big sponge that absorbs everything immediately - including energies - that comes in. A healthy yoni has a positive effect on your overall vitality, your sex life and your fertility. A yoni egg also called a tantra egg can contribute to this. Yoni eggs were already used by the old Taoists to strengthen the muscles around the pelvic floor. According to them, this area is the source of a healthy and happy life. I delved into the many benefits of the crystal egg business and tested one out. For more information, you can visit

Yoni yoga, yoni meditation and yoni massage to train the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. You name it and you can involve a yoni egg. The coloured crystal egg not only looks attractive but can also do a lot of good for your libido, stronger pelvic floor muscles and your overall vitality. It can also help with bladder incontinence if problems continue its advisable to visit a doctor who specialises in urology. It can also help the egg improve blood flow in the vaginal area, gives self-love and promotes your orgasmic capacity.


There are many different colours of Yoni eggs. These are my 4 favourites:
  • 1. Green Jade is popular with detoxification. The energy of this clear green stone strengthens the nervous system and brings calmness. Jade gives joy, life energy and harmony. The stone has a positive effect on plants and nature and allows this to merge with your entire physical and emotional well-being. Jade helps prevent you from giving in to greed and brings you into a state of abundance. You want that down there in your holy temple, right ?!
  • 2. Black obsidian is one of the most powerful grounding stones and removes negative energies from yourself and your environment. He cleanses your auric field from energies that no longer serve you and disconnects you from anger and fear. Obsidian is protective. The stone helps against trauma, addictions and blockages in the meridian system.
  • 3. Sodalite stone is azure blue, not translucent and has a glassy to greasy shine with a white stripe colour. The stone gives self-confidence and self-acceptance and helps to break through limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour. Meditating deeply with sodalite in the neighbourhood or in your yoni is a must and can lead to insights. Physically, the stone helps with complaints of the throat, neck, larynx and vocal cords. Sodalite connects rational thinking with your intuition.
  • 4. Rose quartz is above all the stone of the heart and love. The stone strongly influences the heart chakra and opens your heart to receive love and to give love. An all-time favourite. Rose quartz makes you receptive to all kinds of beauty and stimulates creativity and fantasy. Hence ideal for the bedroom to bring in such an egg one hour before your sex. Physically, the stone has a positive effect on the heart, sexual organs, dizziness, sexual problems, fertility, and breast and lung disorders.


I have a blinking light relationship with my rose quartz Yoni egg. When she was delivered by mail, I was so excited that I didn't want to read the instructions. Hop, get started right away with that thing. With a little cramp I quickly pushed the egg of about 100 grams in. That felt quite strange, such a cold piece of stone in my yoni. To prevent this, warm the stone in your hands in advance. From now on the loving rose quartz vibes could spread through my body from the holy temple. Once at the office during my first toilet visit, I suddenly heard a loud clattering noise. Oops! My Yoni egg fell into the toilet bowl with gravity. A free fall of stone on porcelain. The entire office could enjoy it. I will save you further details on how I solved this. In any case, this Yoni egg is still alive, just like me. The next day I started working with it again after a thorough cleaning under the tap. Then the opposite happened: I could no longer get the egg out ... Slight panic broke out when I discovered that my method of insertion was not the right one. I completely forgot to attach the string to the egg. Compare this 'cord' with that of a tampon and how it works ;-). With all the strength from my pelvic floor muscles, I managed to 'give birth' to the Yoni egg after a few hours of pressing. You understand that I then started to delve into the correct insertion method and various (breathing) exercises that you can do with the Yoni egg. Despite all the mistakes, I can recommend the Yoni egg. It has something exciting to go on the street with such a healing crystal in your body.


You menstruate. The blood wants to get out, the Yoni egg blocks the natural flow down. Ideally, only use the Yoni egg 5 days after the start of your period.
  • Do not use the Yoni egg in a vaginal fungal infection.
  • The use of your Yoni egg should not hurt. In case of pain, always remove the egg immediately.
  • Use only a rose quartz egg during your pregnancy. Don't do that for more than half an hour a day, several times a week. Yoni eggs from all other types of stone are too powerful and can induce childbirth.