Destination Weddings
Destination Weddings

Planning a wedding is a challenge on its own, but when you want to have your nuptials away from home, making the final choice will soon become a nightmare. If you’re torn between remote destinations, exotic locations and something more local, let us suggest a few destinations that will take every doubt off your mind and allow you to decide where you’ll want to tie the knot in a matter of minutes.


Cascading waterfalls, colourful rainbows and ocean waves splashing at your feet as you walk with the love of your life, enjoying the sunset sounds rather wonderful, doesn't it? Maui will do precisely that, enchant you with its picturesque landscapes which would be just the perfect backdrops for your romantic wedding. If you’re also an avid surfer, you will have a lot of fun in Maui because its beaches will offer you an array of water sports and adventures including surfing. From whale watching to kayaking and snorkelling, Maui will certainly make you have the time of your life. Another amazing fact about this gorgeous island is that you can travel there year-round without having to think about the weather because it's fantastic 365 days a year. However, if you’re trying to save some money, avoid early spring and winter.


Vivid blooms, fragrant vanilla farms, palm trees and postcard-worthy rainforests alongside lovely beachfront venues are just some of the reasons you should consider Tahiti for your destination wedding. Unlike Hawaii that’s packed with tourists, Tahiti is less crowded which will make your nuptials very intimate and fuss-free. It is similar to the calm environment of the gatlinburg elopements in Tennessee. Touring the capital city of Papeete should be one of the main to-dos on your post-wedding itinerary as well as visiting the central market, Marche de Papeete, for coffee, vanilla, black pearls, perfumes, shells and carvings. A Polynesian show with traditional music and twirling flaming torches will be a real treat for all of your guests after the big day.


Staging your nuptials in Australia should definitely be one of the options. Not only because of the incredibly pleasant people but because of the urban cities such as Sydney, rugged outback and marvellous landscapes. If you’ve thought about hosting your wedding at a waterfront restaurant in Sydney, you can be sure it is definitely a perfect choice of a city that has a vast selection of fabulous venues. You’ll be able to enjoy the first day of the rest of your life with your new spouse as you look at the waves splashing at the shore and letting the sunset create a fabulous backdrop for your wedding photographs. For after the wedding, think about surprising your guests with white-water rafting and trekking through the outback. If time permits, be sure to check out the iconic Great Barrier Reef.


If you’re focused more on European destinations, Italy’s Amalfi Coast is absolutely wonderful for romantic weddings. Just think about having a citrus grove overlooking Italy's stunning Amalfi Coast for your wedding backdrop, and you won’t want to wait for a second longer to book your flight to Italy. The exquisite cuisine alongside breathtaking sceneries isn’t something the newlyweds could only dream about, it can now finally be a reality. If you’d like to experience a bit more modern and energetic side of Italy, then the Eternal City is your go-to destination. Rome will offer you absolutely jaw-dropping backdrops for your wedding photos  - make sure to get Colosseum tickets while providing you with countless attractions such as rustic castles, centuries-old cobblestoned piazza and ancient ruins.

The Caribbean

Warm cerulean waters, coconut palm trees and all-inclusive resorts with special wedding packages are all you need for unforgettable nuptials. Punta Cana will offer you an idyllic ceremony backdrop almost as Jamaica will. If you’d like to stop by the homeland of reggae and laid-back ambience, a variety of fabulous wedding resorts will also be at your service. Jamaica is one of the most affordable Caribbean destinations, so make sure you check out its deluxe wedding packages and plan an intimate sunset ceremony in the gardens next to stunning waterfalls. Costa Rica is another Caribbean island fabulous for wedding ceremonies. It’s the perfect mix of modern urban style and an unspoiled tropical background. Have you ever thought about getting married at the edge of a volcano? Well, you could have your dream come true precisely in Costa Rica.

Final thoughts

Tying the knot on the beach or on the edge of a volcano is something many brides dream about. If you’re one of them, and you want to make your nuptials special at a remote destination, feel free to consider some of the aforementioned ones. From Hawaii to Tahiti, Australia Italy and the Caribbean, each destination will enchant you in its own spectacular way.