Flos Lighting

People make havoc on many issue and they claim that if those issue are not mended earlier the world will come to an end but I think the one and only issue that need our urgent concern is our environment. We’ll get lots of time to make world beautiful if we have our environment with us. This concept of saving environment first is beautifully taken up by Flos Lighting and they set an example to other lighting solution as well as to whole world to do a little bit toward our environment. You can officially check it on floslamper.dk which has proved themselves to be environment friendly.

Biotechnology is a recent revolution that has marked its significance in artificial engineering in almost all fields, Flos lighting took this process of biotechnology and collaborated with bio-on which is an famous Italian company to make products completely made up of natural things. Flos lighting has taken their innovation and creativity to a whole new level by collaborating with bio-on. This step of bonding help the world to make them understand that if a lighting solution can take such a huge initiative then why can’t us?

The products of Flos after collaboration with bio-on is made up with PHAs biopolymer which is made up of the combination of waste material of cane production and sugar beet, at the same time it does not require any organic solvent and thus becomes completely biodegradable in both soil and water. This concept of using PHAs turned out to be a revolutionary phase in the world of lighting and other companies too are taking inspiration from such a massive success of using PHAs as byproducts. PHAs are not really polymers but the use has made it look like a polymer although it has contributed a lot to make the mankind’s and environment relation lively. It has become the great need of hour to save environment else than saving anything else.

People are planting trees but are they really caring for those existing trees. We’ll have to plant new trees as well as take care of existing trees also. Not only trees, these good micro organisms or byproducts should be used wisely so that the exact use of then can be found out. Bio-on keep on searching useful byproducts as well as micro organism that will help in biotechnology to rectify things and rectify environment beautifully.

Flos lighting always thanked bio-on to accept the proposal of collaboration because the concept of making lights eco friendly was made into reality by bio-on only. It requires guts to blindly believe a bio company to make a eco friendly light. But bio-on proved themselves by making PHAs plastic that turns out be the useful agent of the light’s components. The technology of using PHAs plastic is not only limited to the lighting industries but it is usable to global scenario also, so bio-on invited every field to make use of biotechnology rich process to help environment take breath easily like we do.

The use of PHAs in lighting is also considered as sustainable lighting as it will ultimately help the environment to live some more extra years. And Flos lighting neither compromised with their level of standardized lights while working with bio-on, so they additionally gained respect from this point of view also. Wrapping up my point, I just want to say just contribute a bit from your side by just clicking the link, researching about the lighting eco friendly range and grab the light! And yes the Flos lightings are Environment Friendly!