canon ink cartridges
canon ink cartridges 
Printer Ink cartridges play a supreme role to provide printed documents. These help in blending colors on a paper in order to get perfect output. So, if you are using canon ink cartridge or brother ink cartridge these both brands are well known for their quality printer and cartridges. But their manufacturer also advises their users to read and follow the basic parameters to get the perfect print.

The write-up will explain to you some of the key areas where you need to pay special attention. Let’s begin:

1. Check Ink Droplet Size

The inkjet printers create images on the paper by creating the smallest droplets of colored ink. This ink flows from the nozzle of the printhead. So, the smaller the volume of the ejected droplet, the smaller will be the size of the blob on paper. And with this, the image will also get clearer.

The volume of ejected droplets is one of the most important technical parameters of the printer. Therefore, you need to reduce it to the unit of picoliters(PL) unit. This is a very small amount and determined by the size of the nozzle chamber.

2. Consider Ink Quality

Print quality also depends upon the ink quality. So, if you want to achieve bright and rich colors printouts, you must choose a certain fluidity. But remember, it should not flow out of the nozzle in the absence of printing and should not spread on paper.

In the case of thermal jet printing, in the nozzle chambers, the ink needs to heat up to several hundred degrees. The ink must withstand this temperature without being subjected to thermal decomposition. With technology developments, companies like Canon and brother develop a new type of ink with better color reproduction and greater durability. Therefore, acquiring such will also be a great idea.

3. Know About Color Requirements

The print quality of document also depends upon the number of colors used inks. Previously, only four colors were used in printers (CMYK scheme):
  • Blue (Cyan)
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Black (blacK)

All these varieties of colors are obtained from these four basic colors. So, you can recall the color contrast on TVs and computer monitors for better color comparison. But these days printers with 6th, 7th, and 9th colors ink cartridges also play a prominent role in delivering outstanding printouts.

4. The Quality of Paper

The printing paper also plays a significant role in printing high-quality documents. As you can find different types of printing papers based on their whiteness, roughness, absorbency, etc. In this case, if you choose bad paper, the ink will blur and a high-cost paper can make a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is always advisable to go with the paper suggested by the manufacturer.

5. Use Color Profile For Images Printouts

In order to get high-quality images, it is essential to use a color profile in modern printers. A color profile is a special program that is embedded in a driver. This takes into account the specific brand of ink and photo paper and print driver to improve the image quality. These profiles are easy to create therefore one company can create as many as profiles by downloading the drivers from the manufacturer website.

Impact of Printer Driver Settings

The print quality is surely affected by print driver settings. So, whatever the mode you choose, it affects the ink level. Like from “text + photo”, “photo”, “best photo” modes, the printer will spend different amounts of ink for the same document. But remember, an inkjet printer is a sophisticated electronic-mechanical device whose performance may deteriorate over time.

Bottom Line

Finally, using canon or brother ink cartridge, print quality problems are usually less. But, time to time your printer also need special care and maintenance. So, timely repair is also one of the key factors to get perfect printed documents. In addition, if you are not getting satisfactory results, go and check printer and driver settings.

Author Bio

Jack William is a marketing specialist from Wellington, New Zealand. 

He works as a Digital Marketer for Printzone, which is the biggest warehouse of Brother Ink
He also writes articles on technology and business for several online magazines and websites.