Getting Married
Your wedding party is probably the biggest and grandest party you will ever throw your entire life or even surprise marriage proposal. And with the wedding being on cards, it is natural for one to be so consumed by excitement and a mix of emotions that planning for it could easily go haywire.

A lot of things run in one's mind at such a time that it gets a little difficult to keep a hold on them. Speaking of this, there are no hard and fast rules when planning a wedding.

A little planning beforehand could go a long way when it comes to organizing a wedding — to lower down the soaring stress levels. The systematic run of things will only keep those sanity bands intact!

In this post, we shall bring in a few tips and tricks on which you can easily depend upon to make your wedding day a major hit or let's just say Instagram worthy.

Look Out for Inspiration

You need to sit, relax and ponder before you head out for bookings and stuff. A decision made in haste may end up being not so appealing later on; so you got to collect a whole lot of wedding inspiration. Following that, narrow down the best ones and have your pick.

In this regard, social media would prove to be your best friend. Nothing can beat it when you are looking for some inspirational content. You can create a separate board for your wedding shenanigans; be it the kinds of cake you want or the decor of the event.

So, when the time comes, you can share those boards with the services being catered to you, so as to give them an idea about what mood and theme you are looking for. Just stick to what you decided upon and simply ignore everything that just does not sit well with the chosen theme and style.

Keep Calm

We know it is your big day and we understand your pursuit of a perfect wedding. It is pretty natural because it indeed rests as a lifelong memory of celebration — of love and bond.

Amidst all the excitement, it may be super tempting to book the first decorator or florist you meet, but this is where you got to keep a hold on your impulsive streak.

Carry out a thorough background check before you book anyone and weigh down each and every option before finally agreeing for one to avoid any damage. Even reach out to your married friends and family as they might have some tips that you can make use of.
Big Day

Act it out

It is always a wise and a really smart idea to have trials of hair and makeup before the big day. This can prevent the last-minute blunder and fashion faux pas.

It will also enlighten you about the amount of time required to put everything together in place.
Try out every outfit you like, before deciding the final one and frequent your visits to the boutique to spot any ill-fittings or see if you want to remove or add any element to it for an extra bit of dimension.

Make sure you keep a margin time in case of any emergency. For instance, your shoe strap breaks down while you’re trying it, so you must have spare time to shop for another pair of shoes to walk down the aisle in style.

Arranging A Photographer

We are sure every to-be-couple out there wishes nothing less than a dreamy wedding and it is a photographer's job to get the job done right. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

The photographs hold a great sentimental value and no one wants to get this one aspect wrong. So, make it a point to sit down with your fiancé to pick a photographer with the best portfolio so that you have something to cherish and treasure forever.

Getting your dream photo and video shoot done at stunning locations will make your wedding worthwhile. Once the wedding is over, the flowers will wilt and the dress will be put into a box but the wedding video will remain forever to go down memory lane. So a photographer is a must – Orlando wedding videographer – who knows how to create magic using the right background, lights, and lens.

Draw Up a Wedding Agenda

At this crucial stage, it is paramount to schedule the segments as per the events, to have a clear picture of where you stand and, check Boutique Events Group in case you have missed out on anything important. This will also help the suppliers to kick start the wedding preparations.

Now what to include is a big race against time because everyone desires to have everything executed beautifully within the timeframe. The following things need to be there in your agenda for a firm footing:
  • hiring vendors for different services
  • time for the ceremony to commence
  • photography session
  • writing down speeches and toast
  • menu for the wedding
  • dance rehearsals
  • dress and makeup

Make sure to send a copy of your agenda to the photographer, venue and the trusted persons of your family to ensure that everything runs seamlessly.

Prioritize and On-Set Venue

Choosing a venue is probably the hardest decision ever amongst all, considering the fact that it carries an overall impact to cast on the entire wedding. Let's make it easy for you! You ask yourself why many choose Southern Highlands wedding venue for their best day.

An off-set venue in wedding jargon means a location where you would need to take with you pretty much everything, such as a wedding in a park or beach. It includes places like hotel or resort where you have everything available — likely destination weddings at myrtle beach.

Going for an on-set venue would mean less added cost and absolutely no hassle of beginning things from scratch. You would not have to worry about accommodation if you have quite a wide guest list, in addition to the parking dilemma. In fact, it will make the rest of the planning smoother and less tiresome.

Watch Out for Social Media

We are living in a time where not a single minute passes by without us using the popular social media applications. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have diffused into our daily routines like they were always there.

Your wedding obviously cannot be kept away from this. So, to avoid any drama and hoopla, layout the pointers to make things easier for both yourself and your friends.

Create your preferred hashtags and have photo frames made for a bit of extra glam posing. Another way to make it a little more exciting is to have thematic props made to add a more personalized touch to your wedding. DIYs can really solve it here, folks!

In case you’re an introvert and want to keep your wedding story under wraps, keep things to a minimal — maintain a casual affair such as a brunch wedding or keep a small bridal party, etc. But, keep away from social media.

Now that we are done with a major chunk of preparations above, another major tip is to not to forget your confidence in the closet. Wear your confidence well as they say that this is the best accessory one could wear and flaunt. It is your day and the stage is all yours; enjoy to the fullest, have all the fun you want and make the most out of it!