Optimize Your Android Phone

You clean your home and other areas but do you clean your phone?

It is one of the most vital things you use and consume your maximum time with. Having a clean and healthy device is as important as cleaning your body and surroundings.

But, Before cleaning up, don’t you want to know the reasons that contribute to a cluttered device? Read below.

Why a smartphone clutters up?

Below are some reasons that will make you aware that what can you achieve after cleaning your phone.
  • Due to residual files, temp files, app cache, or in one word due to junk accumulation.
  • Having a huge collection of photos, videos, audio, etc. adds up in cluttering up an Android device.
  • Due to having multiple apps on a device.
  • Endless notifications and alerts also shamble a device.
A cleaner app with cleaning will also aim to speed up your Android smartphone or tablet. 

How can you clean your phone?

For a clean and healthy smartphone, you need to use a phone cleaner app. Because you cannot do it manually. Even by digging deep, you will not be able to find all of the junk that bogs down the processor of your Android smartphone or tablet. With cleaning, you can create space and the device will be available to store that funny photo you clicked of your sibling.

Which phone cleaner app is good to use?

Advanced Phone Cleaner developed by Digital Protection Services SRL is the app you must look for cleaning. It is an optimizer app that is not limited to only one use, there are ample features that will not fail to amaze you. Its cleaning features like corpvisionlife.net, Junk Cleaner, Social Cleaner, Duplicates  Cleaner will create a considerable amount of storage space for you by cleaning your phone. It has other features that can visibly speed up your Android device.

Cleaning Features of Advanced Phone Cleaner

  • Junk Cleaner- These are the programs designed specifically to enhance cleaning on an Android device. The piled up junk is removed by Junk Cleaner. They run a scanning through a device to find all the waste files seizing space so that they can be deleted. This way they help you clean your phone quickly and efficiently.
  • Social Cleaner- Social Cleaner deletes the media files that you do not need, from time to time. These are the files that you download from social media platforms like Skype, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram. Deletion of these media files frees up a lot of space. An extended space and a clean phone mean you can store more things that you like. Using Social Cleaner twice a week can be of great benefit as the social junk will be cleared on a regular basis with this effective method. This clean Android of yours now has more space and runs on a faster speed than before!
  • Duplicates Cleaner- Duplicates Cleaner can help you find and delete similar photos stored on your device within seconds so that you don't need to find them in your gallery. Duplicate photos are displayed in groups. There is an option of smart selection which lets you choose how your photos are to be displayed. The smart selection offers three categories on GPS(Distance), time, and extent of the similarity. The display is shown depending upon your choice of selection. Once the photos are displayed, you can choose the ones to delete that you don’t need.

Advanced Phone Cleaner as an Optimizer app

  • Speed Booster- Ditch those device freezes and lags and embrace higher speed for your Android smart phone by using Speed Booster of this optimizer app.
  • Battery Booster- Battery Booster can help you survive in situations where you are low on battery. It increases the battery duration of your Android device so that you can use it for a longer time.
  • Game Booster- It is the new game buddy that helps you enhance your experience with a game. It provides good speed, effortless and smooth game play in one tap. Game Booster will offer you zero resistance while you are busy with your game.
  • Antivirus- Antivirus or the contrary of a virus is the program designed to combat the ill effects of viruses. These programs work in opposition to the viruses to take hold of them. Antivirus of this optimizer app can remove and shield your digital devices from existing and upcoming threats such as viruses and malware. Antivirus of Advanced Phone Cleaner works smartly by updating its database regularly so that the device is ready to protect you from new viruses or malware.
  • File Manager- Manage all the files stored on your device without searching them in different places with File Manager. You can take various actions with the files displayed on the module’s screen. Clean your phone by managing files with this effective and quick feature.
  • Application Manager- This feature works excellently if you want to clean your phone of the unwanted apps residing in the memory of your device. you can recover space by managing or deleting various applications installed on the device thus on a single screen eliminating the need to toggle.
Clean your phone using these amazing features of this optimizer app named Advanced Phone Cleaner.