Without a doubt, the number of mobile apps we can currently choose from is overwhelming. No matter what operating system we might be using or what kind of native, hybrid, or web apps we opt for, the volume of apps we are asked to choose from is remarkable. According to official Apple data, the total number of iOS apps in the App Store as of March 2018 was 2,100,00 and counting. Android app developers are even busier, with the Google Play Store numbering 2.6 million apps as of December 2018. Tizen and Plasma Mobile are just a few talented players coming from behind to beat their competitors. Kai OS is an open-source OS released in 2017 and will likely become the third most popular mobile operating system. The list of open-source alternatives for mobile users continues further.

With so many options nowadays, choosing the time and right app for your smartphone or tablet can be challenging. Some apps are much better than others, and their millions of users are proof of that. Others just need to be discovered by more users. To help you narrow your search for the best entertainment apps available to download right now, we will provide you with a few valuable tips.


The Best Gambling Apps

iOS gambling apps have a few clear advantages over other casino apps that enable players to enjoy actual money gaming sessions on the go. Apps compatible with Android and other mobile operating systems do not have the same decisive advantage iPhone apps provide: the OS itself. Currently, the brand is offering some of the sturdiest and smoothest operating systems with automatic updates on all iOS devices manufactured.

In other words, people who enjoy playing online casino games or placing sportsbooks bets on the web can access all iPhone apps on their phones, no matter how old of a version they might be using. They can access their favorite apps hassle-free by merely updating their operating system to the latest available version. The iTunes App Store is known for its strict policies regarding real money gambling apps. This is also one of the reasons why gambling and sportsbook operators have decided to work on the web apps they can use on their sites. Certain countries are restricted because of their anti-gambling legal situation. For example, passionate poker or sports bettors in the US will need to wait for federal laws to change to use native gambling apps for real money offered by Apple. In the meanwhile, they can research other similar platforms. Nevertheless, people living in countries with more relaxed web gambling legislation will enjoy quality experiences 24 hours a day from remote locations.

Many of today's casinos also provide sports gambling options, as the two wagering alternatives go well hand in hand. Android users can also choose from various excellent casino apps that will allow them to continually challenge their intellect and creative or logical thinking with the help of the hundreds of games they host. ManyWhether you are a fan of one or the other, you are prone to start using one of the existing apps at some point. One particular trend among people who enjoy betting on sports is the fact they place their bets on various mobile apps as well as at land venues. They can play multiple lines at a time and keep an eye on their activity while enjoying the chance to place live bets.

Mobile sports betting has acquired a significant percentage of the online gambling market, gathering billions of dollars in wagers and attracting hundreds of millions of bettors. Sports betting apps make a lot of sense for developers.

Audiobook Apps

Specialized apps enable users to borrow eBooks and audiobooks without leaving the comfort of their houses. Ask your local librarian if your library card allows you to use these apps on your smartphone or tablet.

Music Concert Apps

Did you ever miss seeing your favorite band at a live concert? There are individual apps that allow you to receive alerts on your phone whenever your beloved singer or band goes on tour in a location in your area. Buying tickets straight from the app and getting excellent discounts is also possible.

Music Player Apps

Lots of people still keep their favorite music on their computers or phone. If you have hundreds of mp3 files on your devices, you could opt for one of the many music player apps online. They support all known data types; some come with graphical equalizers and bass and treble adjusters for thrilling experiences. Plus, you can opt for an app that instantly finds the album artwork you are looking for.

Movie Apps

Some apps allow you to watch classic movies, your favorite TV series, new releases, and current rankings of the best films following popular categories, blockbusters, comedies, thrillers, Oscar winners, and anything else.

This is only a brief list of favorite apps in the field of entertainment. No matter what type of smartphone you use, you have zero chance of ever feeling bored. A brief online search should introduce you to the most popular choices. Of course, you can always start working on your own app if you have a brilliant idea you want to implement. There's already a market for it.