conserve our environment
conserve our environment

Our planet Earth is a very beautiful place that contains everything. Amazing oceans, forests, rivers, deserts, flora and fauna and everything that a perfect world consists of, but due to commercial human activities, our planet Earth is fading. The gifts given by nature are depleting and our environment is worsening with every passing day. But, attention should be given to this fact that our environment is the most important thing for us. The author in his novel from has addressed the issue from the point of view of all other occupants of the planet with the thought-provoking message that without the environment, we all are nothing.

With the increase in globalization, modernization and industrialization, we have gained commercial success, but we all are losing the environment in this process. With the rise in pollution level, global warming and deforestation, the environment has lost its stability. The level of the oceans keeps on increasing and the ozone layer is depleting quicker than ever. All these factors are the reason behind the drastic climate change, and it is affecting many species of animals and birds and humans have also started to face its adverse effects.

Hence, it is extremely important to conserve our environment and take essential steps to protect it from affecting it. Because the steps taken by us to protect it today will make our tomorrow safe and better. It will give a healthier environment to the coming generations and they will also be able to live in a world without any fear of catastrophic situations.

1) Conserving the Environment will Save Humanity

By far, this is the biggest reason that we should protect and conserve our environment. Today, whatever we eat, we breathe and the place we live in, these all are provided by the environment only. If our environment doesn’t remain healthy, then how can we. The more the environment gets depleted, the thinner the chances of humans surviving on this planet. Hence, we should stop our commercialization activities and start focusing on conserving our environment. With a rise in pollution and drastic climatic changes, it will put the lives of all the humans on a high threat and soon everything will come to an end if no strict actions are taken very soon.

2) Our Ecosystem Will Be Completely Disturbed

One of the most beautiful things about our planet earth is its ecosystem. Everything that is present in our environment has its own importance and each and everything has been arranged in a systematic manner. It ensures that all living beings get enough resources as per their needs and the food chain remains intact. However, with the human activities orienting around their growth, development and benefits, the flow of the ecosystem has been affected on a large scale and living organisms such as animals, birds, marine life are facing the consequences of this. Thousands of species have been extinct and many other species have been put up in the endangered state. Hence, in order to preserve our ecosystem, some serious and strict decisions must be taken by the concerned authorities so that our environment can be protected and so does our ecosystem.

3) Forests Provide the Majority of Raw Materials

Forests are not only home to the majority of the wildlife animals, but also gives the most necessary raw products to us, which we use in our routine life. With the advancement in human civilization, the process of deforestation has quickened up and with no new major trees are being grown up, we are losing out on the essential raw materials and also, the oxygen, that we inhale is also missing from our environment due to the lack of trees.

4) You will Gift a Better Environment to Your Future Generation

We all are living in a world where we are not facing any kind of scarcity of any kind of resources. The primary reason behind that is our ancestors have taken care of our environment and utilized the resources without causing any harm to it. But, are we in a situation that we can provide such things to our upcoming generation? The answer seems to be a No. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to start taking care of our nature and avoid any kind of harm to it. It will provide valuable resources to our future generations such as pure water, healthy and fresh air, proper resources and overall a better world to live in. The world should innovate and should walk on the path of progress, but without the risk of harming our prestigious environment.

5) The Planet Does Not Belong to Humans Only

On the planet earth, out of all the creatures, only humans have got the ability to think and respond. And in so many ways, we have misused this liberty. We should never forget that the planet Earth is not our property and it is also home to millions of our species. Hence, it becomes our moral duty to take care of their home and ensure that they are living in a healthy and comfortable place. The environment is such an important asset to all of us and thus, its care should be the topmost priority for everyone. Click on the given link If you want to read more about the environment in Hindi.