Driving Tips
Driving Tips 
Whether you are a student driver trying to get a permit or a seasoned driver who has been getting behind the wheel for decades, you can still take the time to read through the tips on this list. Driving knowledge changes all the time. Each state has different rules on what can protrude out of a car window and where a baby’s car seat can go.

A quick read-through of the safety hints written here might fill in some gaps in your driving knowledge. If you are involved in an accident and need assistance, an auto accident law firm San Antonio area will always be able to help you.

Looking Further Down The Road

It is a fascinating fact that the human body’s anatomy is only designed to travel at speeds of approximately 15 miles per hour (24 kph). Even a galloping horse is faster than that. When our bodies are subjected to accelerations faster than that, our anatomy rebels against the faster rate. Our conscious brains have to work continually to inhibit our instinct to slow down. That's a lot of brain activity for just one occupation: driving fast.

When people are driving, they tend to look in front of their car or at the vehicle directly in front of theirs. This is a potentially harmful driving practice. Experts suggest that a driver looks as far ahead as possible and keep their eyes moving up and down the road. In that way, the driver can be alerted to potentially dangerous driving conditions when they are still too far away to have an impact. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to back further away from a vehicle you are following if it impedes the vision ahead of you. Any truck, SUV, or articulated vehicle that blocks out your line of sight up ahead should be followed at a wider distance.

Use All Your Senses

When you drive, you need all your senses trained on what is happening on the road. This doesn't only mean eyesight. You have to keep your ears listening for brake squeals and sirens. You can even smell burning oil or brake pads if your car or anyone else's is having problems. These are all excellent indicators of when to slow down and pull over.

If you like to drive with music playing, make sure it is at a level where you will still be aware of the sounds around you.


It has been more than twenty years now that driving while using a cell phone was made illegal, including texting and online searches, but did you know that some things that are legal to do in the car can be dangerous and distracting?

Having an unruly passenger can be a big annoyance to have beside you. Eating and drinking can also be a hindrance when it comes to paying attention to the road. Keep safe and drive safe by learning better driving tips.