Cozy Home
 Cozy Home
Your home is your castle, and it is important that you make sure it is as cozy and comfortable as possible for you and your family. By making simple changes, and utilizing the cozy features which may already be hidden, you can transform your living space into a cozy paradise, and create an area in which you can truly relax and unwind. Here are our top tips for bringing some cozy firmly to the forefront!

Work With What You Have

Before making any changes, it is well worth taking a look at your existing space and seeing if you have any features which can be enhanced. A key example of this is fireplaces. Many people will choose to board over or fill in a fireplace, but they can offer a real cozy element to any room. If you are fortunate enough to have such a feature, make the most of it and use it as an exciting focal point for the room. It is worth calling on the services of a chimney service company before you light any fires, just to check that everything is running as it should.

Add Soft Furnishings

Rugs, curtains, throws, and cushions are an instant way to update the cosiness of your room. Not only do they help to make the space physically warmer, but they also create a real sense of comfort and relaxation. Warm colours such as vibrant reds or blues are a good idea, and it is advised to go for the most luxurious and expensive options you can afford—you will notice the quality when snuggled under a comfy throw!

Add Candles

As well as the comfort of a roaring open fire, candles can be a great way to warm up a room when arranged throughout the space. Mirrors make a beautiful backdrop for candles. They help to enhance the light in the room and create a fairy-tale, flickering effect throughout the room.

Always remember the safety rules with candles—never leave them unattended, and light them well away from any curtains or flammable fabrics. You must also always check they are fully extinguished.

Rethink Your Color Scheme

For a more dramatic change, you can consider redecorating the colour of your rooms. Certain spaces suit certain tones very well, and the final decision will depend on your preferences. As a general rule, darker colours will make an area seem smaller, and this can create a homely, cozy effect. On the contrary, light colours can really open up space, adding depth to small rooms and forming light and airy feel. It is a good idea to purchase a few sample colours, as this will allow you to examine them in different lights, locations, and weathers. 

Check Your Insulation

On a practical level, it is critical to ensure that your insulation is up to date. Gaps in the roof, brickwork or walls can lead to draughts, and this may result in damp collecting in your home. Check your insulation is thorough and complete, and this can save you money on energy bills as well as helping to enhance the business of the space.