Bottled Water
 Bottled Water

Until recently, people have not been paying much attention to the water they consume. Depending on where you live or work, you get your water from the tap, collected rainwater, or bottled water.

Which of the three options do you consider the best source of water for consumption? Before getting into the benefits of bottled water, consider this:
  • Rainwater requires getting boiled and distilled before use
  • Tap water gets treated but still travels through miles of metallic pipes collecting metallic elements.
  • Bottle water is sourced at natural springs and stored in impermeable bottles that preserve the water's purity and taste.
With this in mind, it is clear that bottled water is the best option of the three. However, buying bottle after bottle can get tiresome, and thus, it is advisable to have a bottled water delivery company provide the service.

But I don’t need a bottled water company to deliver the water. Well, think again. Apart from the delivery service, there are five excellent benefits to water delivery.

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1. Saving Time and Energy

In an office environment, the slightest distraction for an employee can waste a lot of time. Now imagine having an employee leave their workstation to go to the store and buy water.

Chances are they will sit in traffic for some time. Additionally, they will have to lift the bottles to load and offload them from the vehicle.

Upon return to the work premises, they have to switch out the empty bottles with the new ones and store away the extra bottles. After all that, the employees will probably take some time to relax and readjust to their work.

The entire process consumes significant time and energy from your employees. This is time and energy that gets wasted on an activity that doesn’t directly improve the business's operations and output.

With a bottled water delivery company, you save valuable time and energy for more important activities. You can get more information at

2. You Are Never Without Water

How many times in a month or week do you suddenly realize you are out of water?
It could be in the morning, and you have no water to make coffee for breakfast. Perhaps it’s at the office, and your employees can't quench their thirst because the water ran out.

Now, you have to make a supply run for water during a busy day. Water delivery companies track the amount of water your home or workplace consumes in a given amount of time. Hence, they can determine when your bottled water supply will be finished and check if you need a refill.

This ensures that you are always in drinking water. As soon as the current supply starts to run low, you can have your water delivery company provide some more.

3. Staying Ahead of Emergencies

Once in a while, there is a water shortage. The shortage could result from the city conducting maintenance on the water supply or an accident such as a burst pipe.

In such a case, if you do not have sufficient water stored, you will experience some hardship.

Now imagine if the shortage lasts an extended time, like a week. This means you have no water to drink or cook for the whole week. For an office, this is unbearable.

In such a situation, a bottled water delivery company is your best friend. Once the notice for the water disruption gets issued, you can contact the company and have them deliver a week's supply of bottled water to your door.

4. Saving Money

Though bottled water is more expensive than tap water, a water delivery company can still help you save some money.

Consider how much gas you use to get drinking water at the store. Multiply the amount of gas by the number of runs you make to the store in a month/year to get water.

The cumulative amount of gas multiplied by the current cost of gas is a small fortune worth saving.

Still trying to convince? Well, consider how much Money you use in boiling your drinking water.

Health officials recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. Multiply the number of people in your home or office with 8 glasses daily. Now imagine how much energy is required to boil all that water for a month to a year.

How much Money could you save on your energy bill in a year if you did not have to boil water before drinking?

You can also forgo the cost involved in buying water purifiers and filters. You only need a reliable bottled water delivery company, and you can get it here.

5. You Don't Have to Worry About Water Contamination

One of the primary benefits of bottled water is that it doesn’t get contaminated. Tap water travels through thousands of miles in metallic pipes. These metallic pipes have sections that have cracked or rusted underground.

Cracks in pipes let in bacteria from the soil, while rust gives the water metallic impurities that harm human health.

The water may get treated, but how do you know if the water gets contaminated again between the treatment facility and your home or office. Rainwater, on the other hand, gets stored in tanks that are prone to mosquito larvae and various bacteria.

Hence, contamination is still very easy and creates additional work to filter the water. Bottled water gets sealed in plastic containers impermeable to bacteria and other impurities. Hence, bottled water's health benefits outweigh tap water's advantages.

Summary of the Benefits of Bottled Water Delivery

With the above points, it is evident that bottled water's benefits are far more enticing than tap and rainwater. This is especially so for health concerns and saving on energy costs.

In the case of an office, it is better to have a bottled water delivery company to supply your water, as opposed to having an employee do it. This helps maintain productivity because no employee will have to pause their work to go and get water.

Finally, if you have water rationing in your area, you should contact a water delivery company to supply you in advance. By doing so, you will only get caught off guard with sufficient water to last the disruption period.

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