Having a business cut your grass for a low price can be sometimes difficult to achieve, especially when you’re wanting extreme quality with maximum efficiency. Most places have a quantity over quality approach and will plough through your yard or business with their mowing team, then weed eat very quickly, then be out of the door. They will most likely get the job done and not even bother to clean up. They may not be veteran-owned, or provide veteran discounts, or provide extra steps, such as blowing your lawn clean and edging your sidewalks and necessary yard spots equally. Some don’t even cut your grass as short as it needs in order to be of a beneficial length. We’re going to look in this article at one of the best Virginia Beach grass cutting services out there.

For the Office or Your Home?

The fact that Lenard’s Lawn care, one of Virginia Beaches best lawn care companies out there, can take care of your lawn the way it needs to be treated no matter whether it’s for your business, or even for your home is a big deal. As a business, you want people to see that you have professional quality with everything, including your lawn. With special treatment options, you may want to settle for a higher priced package and get more care from Lenard’s than you would get from any other service.

As a residential lawn care service, you may want the basic package, or you could even get a plus package or higher so you can literally have the best lawn in your neighbourhood, offering those who see your home say they’re amazed at how perfect your yard looks. In either case, your yard will end up green and lush, and full of life like it should be, no matter how short it is. Lenard’s even offers over-seeding services too for those thinning spots in your lawn.

What to Expect from a Lawn Care Service?

You can expect a good quality lawn care service to provide a great quality product at a reasonable price. That’s not the only thing. You’ll more than likely discuss options on what the company can and can’t (or will and won’t do) for your lawn so you know every boundary that the lawn care service provides. This is a good thing. By knowing what a company can’t or is unable to do, you can help get a good idea on whether to go with them or not. If a company can tell you that they can do literally everything you’re wanting, and not tell you what they can’t do, then you may be falling into a trap for yourself. Since Lenard’s is veteran owned and operated, they care about your privacy and most importantly, your financial security.


Most lawn care companies out there care about their work, but they care more about how many yards they can get done, and even some of them may offer an extremely cheap price. But do keep in mind that when it comes to this factor, you get what you pay for. If you pay someone 20 bucks to mow your lawn, that’s very likely all you’re going to get. But if you paid a little higher with a company like Lenard’s Lawn Care serving Virginia Beach VA, you get so much more than just a good trim.