Nobody knows how to clean houses better than professional home cleaners themselves. Given the fact that this house cleaning is their actual career, who better to ask about how to save time cleaning the home than house cleaners who are tasked to clean a home in less than a day?

We have lots to do aside from cleaning our homes but they can take up a lot of time. Check out these 8 tips so you don’t have to spend too long cleaning your home and having to spend an extra day cleaning the rest.

Do the easy stuff first

When you have a whole house to clean up, it can be very daunting. Just the thought of all the work you have to do and haven’t done can leave any cleaner paralyzed.
  • Divide your tasks from the easy tasks, the mildly challenging tasks, and the hard tasks. Once you know which ones are which, you start with the easiest tasks first. Then work your way to the hardest tasks.
  • Once you’ve got the ball rolling, it will be easier to think about tackling the harder rooms to clean, like kitchens and bathrooms. The more frequently you do this method of cleaning, the faster the task will be for you because you know which room to start with and which to end on.

Use Microfiber Cloths

According to MaidSailors, a Home Cleaning Service in NYC service, microfiber cloths are a staple cleaning tool for any cleaning service provider out there. There is a good reason that this specific kind of cloth is the most common type used for cleaning homes and the most recommended.
  • The biggest reason why these microfiber cloths are great is that they can save you a lot of money. A microfiber cloth has super absorbent qualities which means that when you let it soak up cleaning products, it can spread to larger areas.
  • While it can absorb a lot of cleaning products, it can also absorb more dirt and stains so it saves time too. Aside from that, it can clean up a lot of different surfaces so you don’t have to switch from one cloth to another.

Develop a squeegee habit

A surprising hack that a lot of us aren’t doing in our bathrooms that we really should start doing is keeping a squeegee. What do you do with the squeegee, you might wonder?
  • After showering, use the squeegee to wipe the bathroom walls from top to bottom. Afterwards, wipe the bathtub going from outside in towards the drain. Make this a habit and you’ll find your shower cleaner for longer.
  • This will reduce water usage from having to clean out your bathroom every so often. Plus, it saves you time and effort from a frequent bathroom cleaning. Nobody likes to clean the tub and the shower, so this is a definite must-do.

Do The Bathrooms Last

In line with the whole “doing the most difficult tasks last,” a lot of professional house cleaners recommend that bathrooms are the last ones to be cleaned. This is due to multiple reasons.
  • For one, so you aren’t hesitant to start cleaning the home and procrastinating. The bathroom isn’t the most appealing place to clean first given the fact that it is the place where we wash off our dirt and grime.
  • Once you’ve tackled the rest of the house, it will be a lot easier to clean the bathroom.
  • Aside from that, cleaning the bathroom last avoids having to transfer bacteria into other rooms. It isn’t very hygienic to clean the bathroom and step out into other rooms so it’s best to clean it last.

Dust Before You Vacuum

Unlike the chicken or the egg question, the question on whether you should dust first or vacuum first is an easy question to answer. The first step is always to dust first before vacuuming and there is a simple justification to this.
  • When you wipe away dust, some of it can get caught into the cloth you wiped with. However, this isn’t the case for all of them. Some of the dust will end up floating around the air (hence, all the sneezing) and once you’re done dusting, it will eventually end up on surfaces or the floor.
  • This is why you should dust first before vacuuming. Once you’ve finished dusting, you can suck up the rest of the dust that wasn’t wiped away with the vacuum cleaner.

Give your vacuum a tune-up

We leave a heavy load of our floor cleaning work up to our vacuums so we should do right by them by maintaining them. Regardless of what kind of vacuum you’re using, always try to keep it at its tip-top shape so that it continues to clean as effectively as the first time you’ve used it.
  • For vacuums with bags, do make it a habit to replace the bags regularly. Don’t replace them right when they get full, instead replace them when they’re two-thirds of the way there.
  • For bagless vacuums, it is a good habit to empty it after every use. This is so that the dirt doesn’t settle inside your vacuum.
  • Check on the filters and hoses of your vacuums as well. Should you detect a problem with your vacuum that you can’t identify, have it checked by a professional.

Clean As You Go

Professional house cleaners recommend that when you’re creating a mess, it is best to deal with it as soon as possible. Don’t wait for a later date and let yourself get used to leaving mess lying around as this habit can accumulate mess in your home.
  • When you’re cooking or baking, once you’re done with an item. Wash it as you’re moving along the kitchen. When you develop the habit of Cleaning As You Go, a.k.a. CLAYGO, then you end up not having to clean a lot of things in the long run.

Shut Out Distractions

Cleaning your home isn’t the most enjoyable of tasks for anyone, except perhaps if you happen to be Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This is why it can be tempting to pick up a phone and scroll to social media or set up a movie to play on the screen while you’re doing it.
  • When cleaning, try not to do anything that you know would distract you. At most, you could play music that could get you a bit more amped up for the task, but other than that, try not to add any distractions so you don’t take twice as long as you usually would without the distractions.
  • There are lots of tips and tricks one can do to help quicken up the speed with which one cleans their home. The tips range from nifty gadgets to proper planning.
  • Hopefully, these tips have helped you figure out what to improve on on your next home cleaning adventure. Some use home cleaners to save time while some prefer to do these themselves. Either way, you can save time by consulting these 8 tips above any time. Happy cleaning!