Upgrading the heroes in clash of clans unlimited to get all resources is most irritating and the most important thing at the same time.  So you can't miss out this challenge if you want to have fun in the game. That is why I have brought this tutorial for you guys so that you can coordinate the hero upgrades with fewer complications. The regular updating you do, the less you will find things complicated. You will face interruptions while upgrading them, but with the right strategies and right tricks, you will have no downtimes.

But one thing you might be thinking is why is it important to keep the Heroes level compatible with each other?Well, there are several reasons that are important to do such things which I am going to share with you guys.
To perform your daily tasks, always keep your at least one hero active either a gallant King or a Queen even if you are not participating in the Clan war.

There will be a proper balance between your attacking and defending if all the heroes are well upgraded. Suppose a condition when your AQ is level 19, and BK is level 17 when your AQ will upgrade, your BK will left much lower which will not be able to perform the same attacks like AQ.
Well, as AQ is at a higher level, you should consider upgrading Archer Queen first because moving her to level 20 will help her to obtain the stronger Iron Fist that will offset the other possible value which BK will get in Level 18.
Well, I hope now you have understood the need to upgrade your heroes and why it is important to upgrade them regularly. Now, I tell you how you can upgrade your heroes.

Participate in every clan war
Well, you will upgrade the lowest if you are quite passionate about the wars and are not allowed to come even if one hero is missing, but the use of gems can help you out.
If you are having the Book of Heroes, you can upgrade your heroes to disregard the upgrading. So, you can upgrade the level every 2 weeks. You can upgrade more if you are permitted to come with an upgrading hero to war. Use your Book of Heroes for your mightest heroes and in the meanwhile, to keep other heroes upgrading, you would require farm enough dark elixirs.
You have to risk a week of Clan war to keep all your heroes active, and you can upgrade three heroes at the time. You can get all the Dark Elixirs if you farm the elixir for your Grand Warden upgrade. You can upgrade Barberian King and Grand Warden on the first day, and now you can upgrade Archer Queen in 7 days of time.
Well, before you will update your heroes, Supercell will use tons of rumors, but they are all fake which you which you don't need to follow. Clan War is the biggest source of income for supercells so gemming the heroes will upgrade time and they may permit us to use upgrading heroes less than 1%.

Dark Elixir Farming
Farming the Clash of Clans Unlimited Dark Elixir is a lot as well as a hard task to perform so you will need to know about the attacking strategies which will not cost you to use a lot of Dark Elixir.
You will get at least 1&2 star attacks through this attacking strategy and only 1 Hero available. You would also require a base that can secure your Dark Elixirs.
Well, I hope, the strategy mentioned below can help you.
While looking for the base designs to use, make sure if they are having the Dark Elixir storage in the core and secured.

Final Verdicts
So, guys, it is all in this article. Though it is not easy to upgrade the Clan Heroes, with some patience and tolerance you will get used to it within a couple of weeks. You might face some challenges and find it time-consuming but upgrading your heroes will help you a lot.

So, don't wait and keep on upgrading your heroes. Well, now I would end up my guide here. If you want anything to ask, feel free to contact us. Thank You.