LED Surface Mounted Downlight

Among the various lamps, LED surface-mounted downlight has become the first choice for many consumers because of their simplicity and convenience in maintenance. It not only has an illuminating effect but has a specific adornment effect. However, most people need clarification about how to install it. So the installation is usually done by a professional. Today, OBALS will show you how to install it by yourself.

The Characteristics of LED Surface Mounted Downlight

The surface-mounted downlight is a lighting fixture that can absorb the light on the ceiling. The LED character-mounted downlight belongs to a directional floodlight, and only its opposite side can receive light. Its beam angle belongs to condensed light, which is more concentrated and bright. It mainly highlights the subject and creates a quiet atmosphere.

Installation Procedure

Preparation for Installation

I'd like to check whether the LED surface-mounted downlight specification model matches the design requirements and whether the quality certificate is ready. Secondly, check whether the parts are complete, whether the surface is damaged, and whether the lamp line meets the requirements.

Before installing the LED surface-mounted downlight, we must prepare the installation tools, such as the electric drill, wire strippers, Phillips screwdrivers, expansion screws, etc. The purpose of the electric drill is to facilitate drilling in the ceiling.
Installation Procedure

Remove the Cover

We have to put the light cover down first. Generally, the LED surface-mounted downlight has two fixing methods: rotating and clamping. It should be noted to distinguish the two types before removing them to avoid damaging the mounted downlight. After removing the cover, you'd better remove the light bulb to avoid breaking during installation.


First, select the appropriate power cord length according to the actual situation, remove the excess length, and peel off the front end cord. You should also distinguish between the phase line and zero lines. The spring piece should connect the phase line, and the screw socket should relate to the null string, which must be distinct. You need to insert the reserved wire into the wire hole of the base and use one hand to hold the bottom of the downlight and fix it where it needs to be installed. Then, use a screwdriver to screw one of the screws into the downlight. Be careful not to screw it too tightly so it can be moved when the position is inaccurate. When all the remaining screws are screwed, connect the power cord to the downlight lug. Finally, install the light bulb and light cover.
BALS LED Surface Mounted Downlight MY-EXM
(OBALS LED Surface Mounted Downlight MY-EXM)

OBALS LED Surface Mounted Downlight MY-EX SMD

  • The light can work efficiently and safely with a superior heat emission structure with patented technology and power supply configuration.
  • An optimized light distribution design solution can make the optical property more excellent. Pass on the value of illumination spiritually.
  • You can use the switch to adjust the color temperature you want, reducing storage stress.

  • Widely used in hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, offices, museums, residential lighting, etc.
  • All the LED lights of OBALS have passed the CE certificate, which is both high-quality and safe.