Top 5 Nutritious Food in the World | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Adulteration has become a trend in this new world of ultra modernism. It is important that we keep ourselves safe by consuming healthy food. Read on to discover how!

Top 5 Healthy Food in the World You Should Eat!

There is a darn good reason, why eating healthy food has become an inevitable thing today. It is true that in earlier days the mortality rate was high due to lack of medical advancements and lack of proper knowledge of hygiene among common people.

That was a type of problem that we have faced earlier, but now there is a new challenge ahead of us. Many babies are born with deformities, and people are becoming more dependant on medicines due to inefficient health system because of adulteration in our staple diet.

Reviving our taste buds is a sure thing, but the survival calls are such that we got to eat healthy, in order to cope with such a polluted environment. With that notion, today’s blog is about the top 5 food in the world which are beneficial for everyone and some healthy breakfast ideas.

#1 Broccoli

Broccoli may not look a delicious thing to savour but it contains more than 100% off vitamin K which is enough for the day. It also contains more than 200% of vitamin C which is a very important bone building and strengthening element.

Broccoli is recommended by most of the doctors as the main ingredient which helps in staving off cancer.

Diet Direction:

  • Adding broccoli in your salad as dinner or lunch is a great idea.
  • You can also eat steamed broccoli or roasted broccoli in your breakfast.
  • If you want the broccoli to be tastier then you can add it as an ingredient to your spaghetti or pasta.

#2 Salmon

Intellect is known as one of the common thing in most of the Asian countries and they have a ridiculously funny reason for that: eating fish! Sounds odd, right? But it has a strong foothold of logic somewhere, and today we are going to reveal them.

It is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids which is known for reducing the risks of depression, any kind of heart disease and majorly cancer. Moreover, we need approximately 50% of the daily dose of niacin which is a good shield against Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.

Diet Direction:

  • You need to opt for the salmons which are over—farm raised. It is because they contain 16 times as much toxic polychlorinated biphenyl as wild salmons.
  • Grilled salmon is a healthy breakfast idea along with some veggie salad.
  • Poached or roasted salmon goes best with steamed potato.
  • In case you want some change to your taste, you can definitely try a salmon taco.

#3 Garlic

Garlic is considered as a good disease fighter since ancient times. It not only reduces the bacteria growth in the body but also helps in balancing the blood-pressure levels. Allicin is a compound that is found in garlic is known to be a good anti-inflammatory which fights with high cholesterol, which definitely puts it in the healthy food list.

Diet Direction:

  • Garlic is a basic spice which enhances the taste of any food. You can just add garlic is any kind of food to make it tastier and healthier.
  • You can add garlic to your sauces which and have it with literally anything.
  • Eating one or two slices of garlic every morning in empty stomach cures many diseases and fights gas formation.

#4 Walnuts

Walnut, just like salmon also contains Omega-3 rich fatty acids, which helps in reducing cholesterol on a good level. It is full of Vitamin E, melatonin, and other components which are great antioxidants.

Walnut also heals inflammation, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and other diseases which are results of oxidative stress. It not only supports weight control but also promotes a healthy gut.

Diet Direction:

  • Walnut is a binging diet. Carry it in your bag, take it out during a short break and munch a few of them.
  • Adding them in your cereal and milk for breakfast is really healthy and sounds yummy.

#5 Dark Chocolate

If you are still holding on to the primitive superstition that dark chocolate makes you fat, then it is high time to toss that thought in the dustbin!

Dark chocolate contains about 11 grams of fibre, 67% of RDI for iron, 58% for magnesium, 89% of copper, and 98% of manganese. An ounce of the dark chocolate and you can rest assured that you are going to get the best nutrition for the day.

Diet Direction:

  • There is no time to have some dark chocolate. You can have it anytime you want. But if you are still keen on knowing when is it best to have, then since it is a desert, consuming dark chocolate after a healthy dinner is definitely on top!
  • We are keen on hearing comments from you and we will also be waiting to know if you can suggest to us about more such healthy food. So don't forget to comment!