While planning a trip to Ireland, people are for sure browsing online for all the information they may need to make their journey comfortable.
Things that are being looked up are: how the weather is going to be like, what places shouldn’t be missed, what secret spots you should discover, but most importantly, the question that mostly searched is:

How safe is Ireland?

This question is about health and more than security in itself, but that is also on the minds of the travellers planning to go to Ireland. The need for travel insurance may arise more in travellers visiting the country with small children — older people who may have difficulty walking and people who are into extreme sports. Insurance is something seen as a waste of money by some travellers, especially young people who are travelling on a small budget, but there is no price on the well-being oneself.

Why do you need travel insurance coverage?

  • Compensation if baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours.
  • It covers different winter sports activities, including skiing and snowboarding.
  • Cancellation covers your trip due to uncertain reasons.
  • Medical expense cover.
  • Lost/delayed/stolen luggage cover.
  • Personal Accident cover.
Although Ireland is a safe country, there are other things travel insurance may cover. It’s also essential to question whether you can afford not to hire insurance? There are various online insurance providers for Ireland, one being The AA Travel Insurance, which helps cover up to €6,000 for any lost travel and accommodation costs if cancelling your trip is something that can’t be avoided. This is one of the significant reasons to have travel insurance, more than being safe, it is to help oneself be more prepared and comfortable when planning a trip.

The AA also has baggage cover, so if any suitcases are delayed for more than 12 hours, they will cover you for up to €300 to make that dreadful experience more bearable. So it’s not just about the health and safety covered with insurance; they are things that sometimes are not accounted for.

In general, insurance's purpose is to provide protection against any possible risk. That is why in-depth research on a travel insurance company is crucial because it’s not a waste of money, as some people may describe it.

Most insurance companies have different types of insurance, and there will be one that fits all of the requirements of a client; in this way, the expense made will make someone feel safer from the get-go. As no one can foresee the future, the need for insurance cannot be predicted, but it is more than a waste of money is an investment in the future.

The most important question to consider while debating whether or not to hire travel insurance is how much risk you are willing to take? Not just in regards to health and safety but as well as overall comfort. The phrase “better safe than sorry” applies in this situation.