A large portion of 20 million Americans travelling to Mexico drives cars. Not all, but some travellers don't know that they must carry an AAA Mexican auto insurance as their American car insurance is not valid in Mexico. There is a special type of insurance you need if you are driving your own car or a rental car. Whether it’s a family vacation or a business trip, you should learn about the cost of Mexican auto insurance to get the right temporary Mexico auto insurance.

Why AAA Mexican Auto Insurance?

First of all, the Mexican authorities will not recognize your American auto insurance policies. Your American policy is of no use when it comes to covering the damages. You might get arrested without Mexican auto insurance. Your car will be impounded. You will not get the vehicle without settling the matter. This is going to be a long process if you are not following the proper way to pay for the damages. To make it worst, the discussion with the authorities will be in Spanish. If you don't know Spanish, this is going to be a disturbing experience. If you are not buying AAA Mexican auto insurance, get ready for consequences.

Buying Mexican Auto Insurance

Getting Mexican auto insurance is as easy as getting auto insurance in America. You can buy an auto insurance plan online. AAA, GEICO, Progressive and other large insurers have partnered with Mexican insurance companies. These companies are specialized in international car insurance. You can purchase one at the border as well but you will have to pay more for that. The process is almost the same for getting Mexican auto insurance. The insurer will ask for:

Type of the car you will drive.
  • The value of the car you will drive.
  • Limits you want.
  • Duration of the trip.
  • Locations you are going to visit in Mexico.
  • Is the driver under 21?
  • Will you tow anything?
American insurers often ask you to produce much more information about your driving record. However, Mexican insurers are not going to ask much about your driving record. In addition to the lump-sum liability limit, the Mexican auto insurance coverage will contain uninsured motorist insurance and first-party medical insurance benefits.

However, you can add roadside assistance, rental car insurance, coverage to pay for plane tickets and other endorsements as well.

Auto Insurance requirements for Driving

If you want to legally drive in Mexico then you must carry Mexican auto insurance. Liability coverage is mandatory. When someone is injured or killed in the accident and you are at fault, the amount you are liable to pay depends on where you drive. Laws of one Mexican state will be different from the laws of some other Mexican state. The laws of the state will impact the cost of Mexican auto insurance.
  • Get a third-party liability damage coverage of at least $300,000. This is the possible payout for injury or fatality. No doubt it is more than the limits at home. It is well worth.
  • Do some research before finding a Mexican insurance company. Compare and then purchase Mexican car insurance.