Marriage might bring along with big changes in the life of any person, both good and some unwanted, if not bad changes. However, even bigger changes occur during a divorce. It mostly affects the emotional quotient of a person. Even though the reason behind seeking a divorce may be to get some freedom and liberation.

For example, if a woman in Lucknow wants a divorce, it would be better if she hired the top divorce lawyer in Lucknow instead of deciding to fight her case all alone. This blog seeks to highlight the importance of how it will make things much easier for the parties in a marriage who are planning to seek a divorce if they rely on the acumen of a professional of the field.

Most people think that it is only contested and fault divorces that can prove to be very emotionally challenging experiences for the parties, however, the experience of many couples have gone on to prove that even mutual divorces can turn out to traumatic and depressing, especially if one of the spouses withdraws his/her consent before the grant of the divorce decree.

First of all the challenges is that of facing the criticism and humiliation of the people in your immediate vicinity and the society in general. Marriages, in India, are considered a bond of holy matrimony, not just for the current lifetime, but, for the seven lifetimes to come. It is not something to be broken and from which no deviance is ideally permitted. This is probably the reason why there existed no legal provision for enabling divorce until the second half of the twentieth century.

The second challenge might be related to finances and economics, especially if one of the spouses is not financially independent, e.g. homemakers or stay-at-home husbands. It is very important to figure out the arrangement for either alimony, that is, a one-time lump sum payment, or alternatively, that of regular monthly maintenance.

Thirdly, it is very important to get professional legal advice with respect to the custody of the children. The bringing up of a child may involve many aspects, some even unforeseen, depending on the age of the child. To start with, expenses related to the education of the child may increase as the child progresses to higher standards. Other surrounding aspects, like, whether the spouse not having the custody of the child will be allowed to take him/her on vacations, how often, when and where and for how long, can such a spouse meet the child, can he/she meet the child alone or is the supervision of the spouse.

Fourthly aspects concerning the distribution of their mutual assets and liabilities are also something a divorcing couple should not forget in their divorce settlement or agreement. Common properties are as big and significant as their houses, cars, bank accounts and as small as their matrimonial home’s furniture and appliances.

Lastly, during a divorce proceeding, each spouse is going to try to pull down the other spouse in front of the court. In a proceeding for contested divorce, if a spouse is the one guilty of the fault, it becomes all the more essential for such a spouse to hire a good divorce lawyer, so as to make sure that his/her interests are also taken care of and he/she doesn’t land up with a judgment which is unilaterally in favour of the other non-guilty spouse.

Therefore, a couple must act very smartly while getting a divorce. Considering, the fact that the entire process can be a very emotionally challenging process, a party is likely to take decisions which he/she might regret in the future. To prevent such adverse consequences, it is absolutely essential that both parties seeking a divorce, rely on the advice of experienced professionals.