When you or a loved one are needing representation because of a crime committed, it’s very important that you find compassionate attorneys that are loyal and will help you do the best job possible. When it comes to criminal defense in San Diego, CA, you should try to look into SDC (San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer), which is a team of defense lawyers that can aid you in your case, no matter what the charges against you are.

What types of Criminal Defense Does SDC Cover?

There are two types of criminal cases where you may need a criminal defense lawyer. Those two are federal criminal defense and state criminal defense. Both cases often require representation because you need to be able to fight whatever charges may be against you, as well as get help so you don’t make yourself get into even more trouble. This happens a lot more than people realize, and for over 30 years, law firms like SDC have been around to help the accused fight to retain their rights in court cases.

Some of the Most Prominent Types of Cases

While they’re not limited to covering only these cases, the most common cases that are handled and occur in San Diego are aggravated assault, battery, child abuse, fraud defense, grand theft, sexual assault, rape, and grand theft cases. While these are not the only charges that San Diego Criminal handles, this is just a general idea of some of the cases they handle.

Why is Criminal Defense Important?

Many times, prosecutors have it out for a person, and they’re going to do everything they can to jeopardize the well-being to ensure that justice is served to the accused party. It’s not always that they want to, but that’s their job, and they’re good at it. Having the highest quality legal representation for defending yourself in these cases is important because even prosecuting attorneys and judges know how to word things so you may be thinking you’re answering a question the right way and then they twist it and use it against you.

More often than not, a criminal defense lawyer is going to be able to not only help you from making your case against you worse, but they’ll also do everything they can to help you reduce your sentences. They know how to handle plea bargains so you can get away with the smallest sentence possible, and will do everything they can in your defense. SDC does this, and are one of the highest rated not only in California but also in the entire nation from the awards they have received over the years.


When it comes to criminal defence in San Diego, California, you won't get a lawyer who doesn’t make you jump through hoops in order to get the right representation you need. Some lawyers are all about winning for just their own benefits, but law firms like San Diego Criminal aren’t one of those. They actually care about their clients and want to do everything they can to help them. When they can’t (hey, it does happen on both sides of the fence) win the case, they’ll do everything they can to handle negotiations that can help reduce your sentence as much as possible and get you the best protection possible.