According to the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the Dubai real estate market is largely driven by foreign nationals living in the UAE and investors from different parts of the world. In fact, foreign investment accounts for more than sixty per cent of real estate transactions in the city. The figures involved are undoubtedly mind-blowing and one would wonder how Dubai is able to attract such large foreign investment.

Why are foreign investors attracted to Dubai?

i. Central location

The city of Dubai is placed in a very strategic position on the world map. It is like the middle point of the whole world. For instance, it is a roughly six-hour flight from major destinations in the East and the West. It serves over 120 shipping lines and over 85 airlines to over 130 destinations from across the globe.

ii. Booming tourism industry

In the last two decades, the population of the city has increased exponentially due to people taking long-term residencies. Nevertheless, the city still remains one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. As Dubai Expo and World Cup are looming in the horizon, more people are expected to visit the city.

iii. Outstanding infrastructure

Dubai is currently experiencing huge infrastructure developments. Most real estate agencies have invested heavily to make the city a top investment destination. Emaar Properties is one of the biggest real estate agencies in UAE. The Arabian Ranches 3 Dubailand, Dubai Creek Beach Apartments and Dubai creek harbour projects are signature residential projects which are being sold off plan.

iv. Variety of budget options

One of the biggest advantages of investing in Dubai is a wide variety of properties to choose from depending on your budget. Also, in most cases, the payment plan is very friendly. For instance, Dubai Creek Beach Apartments are available in one, two and three bedrooms at different prices with flexible payment plans.

v. High security

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world due to rigorous law enforcement. In fact, petty crimes and theft are almost unheard of. A serious investor will definitely prefer to invest in a safe location to attract tenants and buyers.

vi. Robust economy

As an investor, it is important to consider the economy of the city you intend to invest in. Experts have projected that the economy of Dubai will continue to strive in the coming years. In addition, numbers and statistics indicate that the city will have a continuous economic boost.

In the recent past, Dubai has become the most sought after investment destination, especially in the real estate industry. Those that bought a property in the city a few years ago are now enjoying the fruits of their investments. Take this chance and you will leap huge in the near future.