Budgeting for your dream apartment can be difficult especially if you are weak at managing your finances. Maybe you have just finished your college studies or got your first full-time job - whatever the reason, you are going to need some money to realise your dream.

Here are some tips to help you save money for your dream apartment

i. Research about future expenses

It is essential to have a rough idea of the type of apartment you want. This will help you to know the amount you need to save to cover upfront cost. You should know about the move-in cost as well as other utility costs.

ii. Create a budget

After getting an approximate idea of the amount of money you may need, it is advisable to create a spending plan also known as a budget. It helps you to determine in advance if you will have enough money to do the things you need to do.

iii. Have realistic goals

You know how much you earn and how much you can save. Consider whether buying an apartment is feasible with your income. If buying is not a viable option, you can rent and still enjoy your freedom.

iv. Budgeting app

In this digital era, it is a great idea to use a budgeting app or any other appropriate program. Such apps will help you track your income, savings and spending.

v. Rethink about your necessities

It is time to rethink the things that you think are necessary yet they are not. For instance, do you need that much data on your phone? Is it essential to have cable services? Some things are not that necessary and cutting on them can save you a lot.

vi. Sell things you don’t need

You probably own certain items that you don’t regularly use. These items can include electronics, furniture, clothes, etc. Selling them online or at a local resale store can help you make and save some extra money.

Emaar Beachfront apartments , Port de la mer apartments or Madinat Jumeirah living apartments are an excellent choice for first homeowners. The biggest advantage of these apartments is that they are sold off plan. This means that buyers will have the opportunity to purchase them at a lower cost. Also, the payment plan is very friendly to accommodate first-time homeowners. After making a deposit of 5%, the rest of the payment is spread to over 8 instalments, making it easier for buyers like you realise their dreams.