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Steps to Take Before Selling Your MacBook

Are you thinking of selling your MacBook? Well, there are times after using your MacBook you feel it’s time to say goodbye. That’s normal with any electronic device, bearing in mind that every time there are new arrivals. 
Maybe, you want to sell it for money, you want to give it away to a friend as a gift, or you want to donate it to a charity. Regardless, there are some essential steps to take before selling your MacBook. The levels are significant when it comes to privacy and security, and more importantly if you want to get the most out of it.

In this article, we have outlined the steps to help you sell your MacBook.

1. Clean it Thoroughly

You want to make sure that people will find your MacBook is as attractive as possible. So, before you sell it, ensure to clean it physically.

Although it is impossible to make it look the way you bought it, you need to ensure it is in a beautiful and sellable state. Use the appropriate solution to clean the screen and the case, clear any dirt from the keyboard. A good rule of thumb would be to use a microfiber cloth and alcohol-free cleanser.

2. Back Up Data and Information

The second step is to back up data and information. A MacBook like any other computer stores plenty of information, including your documents, files, and photos. The last thing you want to see is getting to the previous step of selling your MacBook, only to find that you have wiped all the data that was intact.

If you are migrating to a new MacBook, you can transfer all your data and information to your new MacBook using Time Machine. To be on the safe side, ensure you have multiple copies of your data by backing it up to several devices. To use Time Machine, find out more information from this site and also read this article. If you are selling it for the money, you may want to back up your data to the cloud, either on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

3. Opt Out of Apple Services

If you have used Apple services such as iTunes, iMessage, and iCloud then you need to de-authorize all of them.

Here is how to:

Sign out of iTunes
  • Go to the Finder and launch iTunes
  • On the menu bar, click Account
  • Go to Authorizations and then click Deauthorize This Computer
  • If prompted, enter your Apple ID and Password, then click Deauthorize 

Sign out of iMessage

  • Go to the Finder and launch Messages
  • Select Messages on the menu bar and click Preferences.
  • Click accounts and then choose your account
  • Click sign out
  • If prompted, click sign out again.

4. Format the Hard Drive

If you are selling your MacBook, you will not mind who will buy it so long as you get the cash. The same applies to if you are donating it. Remember, even if you decide to delete everything, some programs can retrieve deleted data, so to be on the safe side, you want to wipe your MacBook entirely so that nothing can be recovered. If your MacBook came with a boot disk, you could use it to factory reset your device.

5. Reinstall macOS

You can decide to or not reinstall macOS depending on whether you are selling, donating or giving your MacBook as a gift to a friend or relative. A good rule of thumb is to re-install a new operating system so that anyone who gets it can use it right away.

However, because different people have different preferences when it comes to which version of the operating system to use, you may leave it so that the buyer can install his or her operating system of choice.

6. Take Pictures

With the introduction of the internet, most people prefer selling items online. There are various sources you can sell your MacBook. But to get the most out of your device, you need to take attractive photos so that it can appeal to many people. You can use a digital camera or a smartphone to shoot several images before you pack into the box for selling.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever sold a MacBook? How was the process? Let us hear how you went about the entire process in the comments below.

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