Dual Monitors Setup Worth

We have all seen and envied large workstations with multiple monitors. They have a sense of sophistication and productivity about them. But the real question is, are they worth it? Should you invest in a dual monitor that includes speakers? What about UltraWide Monitors? Let us find out.

What is a Dual Monitor Setup?

As the name suggests, it is a configuration in which two monitors are connected to your PC. This means that your PC should have two video-out ports. For this, you will need to make sure that both your PC and your monitors have all the relevant ports;; otherwise, you will need to invest in adapters.

What Features to Look for?

Other than ensuring that the ports are compatible, there are two main features to consider. The first is a thin bezel. Monitors with thin bezels give a sense of continuity between the two screens. Therefore, the smaller the bezels, the more seamless your display.
The second important consideration is VESA mounting holes. This is important if you hook up the monitors on dual monitor stands. The stands/arms only support the VESA standard for mounting.

What Kind of Setup Can You Have?

The good thing about the dual or multi-monitor setup is that you can have it function any way you want. You can get very inexpensive monitors for have a structure just for word processing. Similarly, you can have higher-end displays if you want one for gaming or photo editing. The good news is that you can find the best monitor for photo editing under 200.

Note that your experience will be better if both monitors are matched. For example, you cannot have one monitor operating at a 60 Hz refresh rate while the other at 144 Hz. This will affect your gaming experience negatively. Similarly, you cannot have one monitor with FHD resolution while another at WQHD. Although trivial tasks like word processing or internet surfing won’t matter much, the annoyance will be accurate for more demanding tasks.

Are They Worth Your Every Penny?

There is no evidence in the forums around the web that has anything negative to say about a dual monitor setup if done right. People praise this setup for increasing their productivity. A study from the University of Utah 2003 has shown that productivity increases by as much as 25% when using dual monitors and by 35% when using a triple. 
Tasks such as video editing, photo editing, data entry, working on spreadsheets, finances, and CAD all benefit from a larger screen. The less time you spend switching from one window or document to another, the more time you save. This positively correlates to your productivity.
Research also shows that keeping one screen open for emailing and messaging at work improves communication within the office. This is also critical in sensitive workplaces where cell phones are not allowed.
Worth Your Every Penny

What About Ultrawide Monitors?

Ultrawide monitors are newer in the market but are increasingly gaining momentum. What are they? Conventional widescreen monitors have an aspect ratio of 16:9. The Ultrawide monitors have an aspect ratio of 21:9.
Therefore, a single 29-inch ultrawide monitor gives the feeling of dual 24-inch monitors side by side. The best part is that there is no bezel between the two,, so you get a single continuous screen. Also, you don’t need to scroll and toggle on each monitor separately. This also saves time.

ManyUltrawide monitors also offer curved displays and higher resolutions than a conventional24 inch monitor, making them ideal for great immersion. Also, with a growing market for these monitors, they are increasingly cheaper.
There are a few flaws to Ultrawide monitors as well. Since it is a single display, you cannot have multiple full-screen apps running simultaneously. Similarly, the Windows’ snap to sides and snap to corner feature only works as a single screen.

Although there are monitors with PIP and PBP that effectively separate one Ultrawide monitor into multiple quadrants interfaced through different display sources, these monitors are expensive and not feasible compared to a budget dual monitor setup.


All in all, a dual monitor setup is a desirable addition to your workspace. Unfortunately, you do have to worry about the added cost of such setup. However, as far as productivity is concerned, countless threads on various forums and even research prove it improves.