Do you want to reconnect with someone? How can you find a friend or a long-lost classmate? Many search engines and sites are available on the internet through which you can search online.

Below are some websites and methods through which you can search a people online. Through this post, you quickly understand How to search for people online?

But for this, you have required certain things, registration or payment, to get detailed information about that person. Who you are trying to search online. We provided to give the free services first in the list.


You know that Google is the most popular search engine in the world due to its vast database. Everyone who has any query will simply search for it on Google. This thing is also applicable to searching for people online. For example, you have also searched your name on Google and those you know.

Search person with their name. We will tell you practical ways to get the correct result. Because Google also has many same-name data in its database. If the person's name is familiar, refine your search by adding the state, area, code, etc., in your inquiry.

Suppose you will search "John Smith," which is a common name, then do this search on Google just to refine your search.

  • "John Smith" Virginia
  • "John Smith" Eastern
  • " John Smith" Bethnal Green
  • " John Smith" E2

You can pull a person's information by typing his phone number. And also you can find personal information by searching popular social networking sites. You can do these things in this manner.

Phonebook- +1 444 444 4444 John Smith

If you will do it for social media, thenn you can do this by this method. 1994 "Roshan Kumar"

How they will precise this search, I will tell you. You are searching for is the first keyword that suggests a Google search engine that you can explore for that person on the Facebook platform. After that, you mention 1994, which is the date of birth of that person.

You can also place the approximate joining date of that person on that social site. Now you will provide that person's name so the search engine refines it in three manners: firstly, through social sites, second as per date of birth or join date of that platform, and third is his/her name.


Facebook also has an extensive database through which you can also search/find a person online. Today Facebook became a popular social network all over the world. Around 600 million people nowadays are using Facebook social sites. So if you want to search for a person online,, you can effortlessly search for it by using a search engine and a popular area known to us as Facebook. If you will not find him/her through this sites and search engines,, then search in the same manner on different platforms and sites.

Other sites and search engine

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Classmates
  • FamilySearch
  • PeopleFinder
  • Pipl
There are thousands of other websites and dozens of different search engines available that will allow you and help you to find people using public records. By going through these tricks, you can search for people online easily.