Foster parenting is a huge responsibility as it requires you to take good care of the children you bring in and to establish a deep connection with them. The latter is easier said than done because most children come from a troubled backgrounds, and getting close can be a big challenge. But it is a matter of proper perspective and approach to breaking the ice successfully. As a parent, you can get more involved in fun activities that they would enjoy according to their age.
Whether you plan to take them out or do something indoors, here are a few fun activities you can try with a foster child. When choosing such activities, you may need clarification about what is off-limits with foster children. The fact is that you involve them in any activities that you can plan with your biological offspring. However, you may require special permission from the agency and the judge if you plan to travel with them out of state or country. You should also item about the travel plans well in advance.

1. Taking them to a local park

Young children enjoy outings in parks and playgrounds, where they can channel their energy and have an excellent time running, playing, swinging, and sliding. Physical activity diverts their minds from the negatives and brings them closer to you. Additionally, you can take the opportunity to let loose and make a connection with them at all levels.
2. Going out for a game or a movie
It is an excellent idea for older children to find out about a game they like and take them to watch a match. You can take them to the movies as well. The child will be happy to know that you are genuinely interested in their likes and dislikes as a foster parent. Plus, you can spend some quality time together and try to build a bond, which is usually quite challenging for older children in foster care.

3. Reading to them

Foster care can be stressful and financially taxing as well. You get paid for the child's maintenance,, but resources may still be limited, and you may not always have enough to spend on expensive outings. Perpetual Fostering shares how much foster carers get paid. Still, you would want to do the best for the child; reading can be a great fun activity that you can try doing. Younger children love bedtime stories, and you can make it a routine. You can buy some illustrative books to make the sessions even more interesting for them.

4. Swimming sessions

Swimming is an activity that children usually enjoy, and parents love as well. Even if the child fears water, you can gradually make them more comfortable. Being there for them gives you the much-needed trust they need to build in you to nurture a healthy relationship. Ensure the pool has proper safety arrangements, mainly if the child is young or does not know how to swim. Do not leave them unattended because their physical safety is your responsibility.
5. Arranging a picnic or outing on weekends
Another fun activity you can indulge in with your foster child is arranging a picnic or outing on weekends. Select a venue depending on your budget, the age group of your biological and foster children, and their interests. Get each member of the family involved in planning and preparation. Arrange a nice meal and a few fun games to encourage family bonding.

6. Visiting a zoo, museum, or library

Young children can be taken to a local zoo or aquarium because most of them love animals. For older children, a visit to a museum or library can be an exciting experience. Not only are these activities enjoyable and inexpensive, but they also increase children's knowledge. You can make the visits a frequent routine if the child enjoys them.

Fun activities with a foster child can be simpler and easier than you think; neither do they always cost a fortune. They help you come closer to them and show that you really care. Giving them ample time and attention can make the relationship more comfortable and warm. You should go the extra mile to develop innovative ideas about spending quality time with them. Whichever activity you plan with the child, ensure their safety at all times.