How to support the local and independent economy sounds like a tricky question. Still, a life increasingly revolves around big businesses, supermarkets, and substantial online discounters, and it's easy to forget about the traditional, small local and family businesses that, without your custom, could wither away and die! I'm sure we all have fond memories of the local grocer or shoe shop your mother took you to as a child. If we don't engage and give them our business before you know it, we will look to go back one day with our own children, and they will be gone.

Shop Locally Often

This is really a no-brainer, we need to go to our local shops to survive! It's so easy to find local businesses, and what you'll find is these days, most small businesses are specialists; this is because that's their real value and selling niche; you can get advice and expertise you wouldn't dream of finding in a large chain store, and there are plenty of easy ways to find these types of businesses, for example, if you're looking for an independent book store then simply use an indie bookstore finder. Once you start shopping this way, you'll wonder why you never did before, finding such a satisfying shopping experience dealing with staff and business owners who share a genuine passion for their products and services.

Look For Art and Cultural Products By Independent Artists

Whether paintings, music, or literature, the world is full of hugely creative and talented individuals selling and promoting their art and culture online through various independent methods. Be it music you're into, you can buy tracks and albums from independent artists from all over the world at shops like CDBaby, or if you are looking for art for your home, then you can find great sites selling art prints by a variety of artists who have uploaded their art to the site. You get a high-quality impression delivered to your door.

Check the Air-Miles of Your Groceries

To be helping local businesses, you can avoid large stores. As we all know, that can be almost impossible in hectic modern-day life. But when you do shop in a supermarket, one tip is to try and check the source country of your fresh produce; this information can usually be found on the label or packaging, and try to eliminate those products that come from 1000's miles away, not only helps local businesses in your area but also cuts down on environmentally costly air-miles.

Be a Tourist In Your Own Area

A trend is called going on a staycation, a holiday in your country or region. Not only does this save you money, but it gives back to the local economy. It's surprising how many people have vacationed abroad for years but barely know their home area; you'd be astonished at what you'll learn. You can always repeat experiences and activities for day trips later on without high cost. Yes, of course, there are always cheap places to travel abroad, and that's fine sometimes, but maybe once in a while, take a local vacation just to balance it out.

So it can be fun and exciting to find new local independent suppliers, producers, artists and destinations, so you will have a great time and feel good doing it.