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10 Reasons to Invest in Gold

Gold bars serve as investor hedge against uncertain economies
Gold bars and money

Why You Should Invest in Gold

Gold is one of the most valuable assets on the planet due to its attractive physical characteristics. Here are ten reasons you should invest in gold.

Gold is considered by investors as a safe asset. This means it is invulnerable to certain systemic events such as geopolitical uncertainties and periodic economic downturns. The lustrous yellow metal is an inert material with naturally resistant properties.

Gold offers distinct benefits that investors would be hard pressed to find with other alternatives. One of the most significant of these is that the gold rate always recovers, never becoming obsolete with alternative means of investment for long. 

Here are 10 reasons you should invest in gold in India.

1. Gold Is Money

While gold is no longer used as a currency, its real value lies in its ability to store money, making it superior to any other kind of currency. Throughout history, gold has been used as money much longer than other currencies.

2. Gold Is Physical and Indestructible

You can hold gold in your hand, but you can’t say the same about other kinds of investment. Gold cannot be destroyed by water or fire, and it remains unchanged with time.

3. Gold Can’t Be Faked

Gold bullion doesn’t require a paper contract or middlemen to validate it. This is because gold isn’t tied to any other financial asset.

4. Private and Confidential

Gold is one of the few investments that can remain anonymous. If you choose to keep it a secret, then no one has to know you have it.

5. Gold Is Portable

Any bullion dealer will recognise gold and buy it from you in exchange for cash. The process is faster than selling stocks or collectables.

6. Gold Is Easy to Store

You can easily store gold in vaults for low storage fees, bury it in your backyard, or just keep it near plain sight. Here’s a brief guide to help you store gold in your house.

7. You Don’t Need Special Knowledge

Gold bullion doesn’t require any particular skill, knowledge, or equipment for you to recognise that it is genuine. This is unlike diamond or gems that need independent verification from third-party sources that use specialised equipment.

8. Gold Protects Against Political Isolation

Governments and politicians can freeze accounts and confiscate your hard-earned money. This commonly happens during the financial crisis. However, you can’t strip a person from their gold.

9. Gold Protects Against Stock Market Crash

Gold has an inverse correlation with the stock market, which means that whenever stocks crash, gold prices rise. Gold prices have been shown to increase more than fall.

10. Gold Protects Your Portfolio

Gold can protect your investments and your standard of living during the geopolitical or economic crisis. The lustrous bullion can be utilised for its properties as a safe asset.
The current economic climate continues to prove that gold carries lower risks and more significant advantages.

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