Is the error interrupting you while streaming through your favourite TV series and movies on Kodi? Then you are at the right place as in this article, I will be sharing with you the ways through which you can tackle this error and enjoy uninterrupted streaming on Kodi. To know how to keep reading the article.

What is error?

For those who do not know what error is, it is not exactly an error but a way of providing better streaming to its users. These pop-ups are reportedly been experienced by a number of users recently. When you are streaming on Kodi, you will get issues pairing with Kodi add-ons.

Due to the ever increasing and high server demand, and as a result, Kodi add-ons like Exodus, Placenta, Nemesis, Covenant, etc use Python script its and codes so as to find direct links of streaming from those video servers. Hence, developers think and made it mandatory for pairing a device so as to watch videos from will prohibit Illegal use of the resources.

How to fix error on Kodi?

To fix error on Kodi, you can make use of two different methods of which one is a temporary fix and the other is a permanent fix. In my opinion, rather than going for the permanent one, the temporary method will help you more.

This is because, with the permanent solution, you will miss out on a number of links for streaming movies and TV shows whereas, a temporary solution will not make any changes in that only difference is the validity of temporary fix will be 4 hours. At last, the choice is yours.

Method 1:- Fix error by pairing IP address- TEMPORARY FIX

  • Step 1:- To start with, enable a good and reliable VPN like IPVanish, CyberGhost, Express VPN on your device.
  • Step 2:- Open Google Chrome or whatever browser you rely on usually.
  • Step 3:- In the URL address of your browser, type the link- on your browser.
  • Step 4:- You will then see your IP address on the screen. All you have to do is pair this IP address. Then you will be able to stream all the stuff from and similar other hosters.
  • Step 5:- Then check in the “I’m not a robot” box and verify the captcha.
  • Step 6:- When you tick the box, you will see a blue-coloured Pair button on the screen Click on it. When you do so, you will have paired your IP address with and servers.

You are done here. You will see a successful message pop up on the screen. Close the browser and have fun with your Kodi streaming.

You can now begin streaming your movies and TV series again without worrying about error for the next 4 hours. Just make sure that you do not change your IP address in the coming four hours as you may then face the error once again. When you receive the error once again then repeat the steps given above.

Method 2:- Fix error by disabling hosters with captcha- PERMANENT FIX

One of the easiest and convenient ways of fixing error is by altering your IP address with the server. You can then stream through servers. To permanently fix error, follow the steps given below.
  • Step 1:- To begin with, open Kodi on your device. Then go to the add-ons section, then Video Add-ons and choose any add-on you would like. I find Exodus to be better than others.
  • Step 2:- Now go to the Tools section from Exodus tab. You may also see Tools as Settings in other add-ons like Covenant. Click on it.
  • Step 3:- Next, select SETTINGS: Providers.
  • Step 4:- You will now have to disable “Hosters with Captcha” from the dashboard.
  • Step 5:- When you disable it, to save the changes you made, select OK and then reload Exodus.
And you are done here. You will no more have to pair with to use links to stream Kodi.