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Everything You Need to Know About Synthetic Urinetes

Do you have a drug test coming up and you are worried since you’ve been knocking yourself out with some opiates? Well, you need not fear that much since you can still pass the test by faking your urine sample thanks to synthetic urine. Synthetic urine is a fake substance that is manufactured in the lab to resemble real human urine in all aspects but has no traces of drugs or other impurities that might be present in your natural urine. Here is everything you need to know about this urine.

You Can Use It to Pass a Drug Test

As we have already mentioned, you can use synthetic or man-made urine to pass a drug test. It is vital though that you be privy of the process to get through with it. If the process is less stringent and only requires you to present a sample of your urine, then you would be safe presenting synthetic urine. However, if strict measures such as requiring you to strip and wear bathrobes then get urine in a private room, then that would not work. You can get samples of synthetic urine to use for a drug test at https://www.quickfixsynthetic.com/

Resembles Real Urine in Color and Scent

Synthetic urine contains every other element that is present in natural urine, apart from traces of drugs and other impurities. It has optimal levels of urea, uric acid, nitrates, optimal pH level and creatine that make up natural urine. It also has the right amount of water. It is these elements that give this urine its colour and smell, much the same as natural urine. This urine is pure and is thus, used for calibrating lab equipment.

Available in Powder Foam

You can get synthetic urine in powder-like substance. You can then dilute the powder in the correct amount of water to make the liquid solution. If you intend to use your answer for a drug test, then make sure you use it within eight hours after you have purchased the substance. This substance is available in most smoke and sex shops.

Unused synthetic urine has a shelf life of about two years. However, this depends on the brand of urine you are buying. Different brands offer different guarantees with some recommending that you keep it for only six months. You should always make sure that you store it away from direct sunlight and at room temperature to maintain its quality.


Weird as it may seem, there are individuals with obsessions that require the use of urine. For such people, synthetic urine can come in handy. Such fetishes include playing pranks on spouses such as claiming they wet their bed and other games that couples like to play. The good thing is that this urine is free from contaminants allowing couples or friends to use it without running the risk of infections. If they were to use actual human urine, it may contain harmful bacteria and other contaminants.

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