Android smartphones have the best apps for video editing in the market. Video editing software has the best solution for developing a mobile application.

Video editing is not easy and needs good advice, time, and concentration. Video editing could only take place on computers with a high configuration. Video editing requires powerful processors and RAM. You need an excellent display to review the work well. Smartphones are now powerful enough for video editing, but it is impossible to get experiences like Adobe Premiere or Cut Pro. It is impossible to gain experiences close to it, but you can develop a mobile application that can do video editing well. You can employ it to edit and post videos on social platforms. Below are the best apps for editing videos on Android.

1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a mobile version of the favorite desktop editor called Filmora from Wondershare. It allows you to edit videos while moving. Try a few themes, titles, filters, transitions, and music. It provides licensed songs to employ. You can do a few options like speed down, up, or reverse, multiple changes, overlays, and filters.

2. Kine master

If you want videos with a professional touch, then kine mater is among the best apps for you since it supports color LUT, 3D transitions, and much more. With all features of editing like speed control, filters, music addition, and cropping, it allows people to draw on a video with the help of the handwriting layer. Choose from transition efforts, themes, and animation styles to make the videos visually appealing and fun.

3. VivaVideo

Make videos eye-catching and fun with the assistance of this app, as it offers you over one thousand compliments to alter the video. Turn images into a moving story with music, choose the best theme for the video, record the screen while outdoors, give the video the right filter touch, and much more. The app comes live with facial effects, selfies, music videos, and basic modes to add products and filters to all images and scenes. Export videos to galleries and shares them at any moment.

4. Candy camera for selfie

This is among the best apps for photo effects for a person that is crazy about selfies. It offers many options to capture selfies from the smartphone camera. There are several additional filters to add to the selfie to be better than the original. You can also try settings that are beauty related to making your face beautiful. You can use several stickers to decorate photos and curate the college of your photos.

5. Power director

Power director is among the best apps for video editing because of its unique effects and features; it is a video editor and movie-maker. Curate videos in slow motion, audio, and images, edit with drag and drop video controls, and combine videos and photos in Power editor. Curate videos in slow motion, audio, and pictures, edit with remove and drop video controls, and combine videos and photos in Power editor. It is possible to create voice-overs and employ movie effects to make action movies while on the move. Using the chroma key, you can edit the background in assorted colors and add graphics or green screen effects over the footage to get into a new world.

6. Video Editor

The video editor is an app that will make your video editing experience a fun past-time. It possesses PIP video effects, making it easy to overlay small videos in populous styles, add videos with flawless skin, beautify your videos, and add stunning filters. Other unique aspects to explore include subtitles, fonts, and much more. Therefore, edit fun videos and share them with family and friends.


Quik is a free and fast video editing app for Android, allowing you to edit videos while on the move. It comes with the capability of creating automatic videos. You can import your videos and photos to formulate the video you desire. You can add up to seventy-five videos or pictures for GoPro Quick, GoPro Plus, Dropbox, Google Photos, or gallery. Adding texts and effects and syncing everything quickly with music is possible.


If you want to develop a mobile application, you need an app that will be among the best apps for Android users. You need an app that will give you the best video quality from your smartphone. The best video editor apps for Android will ensure you have the best video experience while editing the video.