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Do you want to know what are the 5 simple rules to follow in order not to be a victim of scams in classified ad sites? To help us, we will come across this simple advice from the free classifieds site QIQI MART, the international network of classified ad sites.

In the event that we see an interesting product, first of all we must always evaluate the real market value of the product we are examining.
For example, if we see a smartphone that in the store has a current value of 500 at a price of 100, something does not square. The smartphone might be true, but it could generally present some technical problems.
Usually a second-hand product, in excellent condition (like new), has a value that is around 50% (maximum) less than the current market value.                                                                                                                                                           When the difference between the actual price and the proposed price is excessive, it is possible that you have stumbled upon a scam.

The second advice we give is to always check the veracity of the images.
To do it’s easy, just drag the image on search images services most common search engines (Google) and you'redone!
In the event that the photo has been cloned from other sites, the classified ad has a high chance of not being genuine.

Always make sure that the product you are interested in, is in your country and that the seller's phone number is from the same nation. Avoid buying products from foreign sellers and goods outside you national borders, because in the case of fraud will be more difficult(or impossible) to get a refund.


When you contact the seller, do it via email or especially via smartphone messaging services, in this way you will have a copy of the conversations that will be useful, to store information about the seller and the product.
In the event that the seller is a professional retailer, make sure that the company is present on search engines and that the phone number matches the one shown on the ad.

Remember (if itis possible) to personally view the goods you are interested in. Don’tsendmoney in advance but try to conclude the transactions only in the first person and especially after having seen in your hands the product that you will have to buy.
In any case, remember that the best payment methods are those that can be traced! Chooseonlypaymentmethodstracked (PayPal / Hype / Payment through the bank) and always avoid money transfers!
In conclusion, remember that observing these 5 rules, you will have no problem in buying second-hand items and visit professional classifieds sites such as QIQI MART (, where there is a technical assistance ready to help you.

QIQI MART is a network of free classifieds sites that develop new systems for the promotion and sale of second-hand items, increasing the sales possibilities for those who published on their platforms. Moreover, QIQI MART is the company that promoted the advertising system of ads, called AD-BOOSTER that allows advertisers to sell their items within 48 hours, 70% faster than a regular ad.
You can find the QIQI MART marketplaces, to this follow link:

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