Peripheral neuropathy refers to conditions resulting from nerve damage. You may visit the website to identify some of the ways to manage such health conditions. A good diet, regular exercises and the use of appropriate supplements can help to manage this condition. Today we will focus on some of the best hand exercises for peripheral neuropathy. You can do the exercises while seated making it convenient for you to do at any place whether at home or in the office.

Here are 5 easy hand exercises for peripheral neuropathy:

1. Circular finger touch

This is the best exercise to help ease the effects of neuropathy. This is an important exercise for the general health of your hands. Below we explain how to its done. First, touch the tip of your thumb with all the fingers one at a time. They should form a circular shape. You should then stretch the hand after every rotation. This should be done for at least ten times per day for it to be effective.

2. Thumb and finger pad touch

This is a form of stretching that is recommended for neuropathy. You should aim to touch the pad of all your fingers with the pad of your thumb. You should then move the pad of your fingers to the bottom of the thumb and repeat the exercise twice. Remember to start with the index finger, followed by the middle finger, the ring, and little finger in that order.

3. Lap and finger touch

Place your palm on your lap and start by lifting the index finger for at least two seconds. You should lift the index fingers twice and then tap then tap your lap with the palm. You should repeat the exercise with all the other fingers. This can be done in sets of two or three depending on the severity of the condition.

4. Hands clasp touch

This is one of the most common hand exercises that most people do without knowing the health benefits it has on peripheral nerves. First, you need to clasp your hands tightly. You will feel some relief as the fingers and palm nerves stretch. You may circle the thumbs for an overall hands stretch exercise.

5. Ulnar exercises

These exercises will mainly focus on the wrist and elbow parts of your hands. Chronic pain on the hand may be as a result of ulnar nerve compression. It is good to have a medical practitioner examine you for a diagnosis. But simple ulnar nerve exercises can help to manage the pain and cure it eventually. Wrist extensions and lifting of dumbbell exercises can help heal the peripheral nerves and reduce pain. Learn to also occasionally flex the wrist and press the fingers on the hard surface as this helps to relieve ulnar-related pains.

Regular exercises help to maintain good health overall. But you should also do specific hands exercises highlighted below to improve the peripheral nerves health. You will notice improvement of the condition and eventually, with proper diet, medication, and supplementation, the condition can be managed.