Geodes simply put are gorgeous gemstones that are full of chi. With energy and attractive insight - they are used for different forms of crystal rituals such as Feng Shui and meditation. Wish to know more about geodes then keep reading further.

Geode Crystal Defined

The semi-precious stone that has a cavity inside is often glittery within. That cave-like gemstone created from precious stones or minerals is known as geodes. They give a lot of energy and appear as druzy stone caves and have its unique powers. The term geode comes from the Latin word Geo which means Earth-like. They have superior strengths and can connect the wearer with water, earth, and gravity surrounding them. Geodes result from bubbles along with the volcanic crystals. As the layer of silica cools down, it will solidify into different forms of crystals as well as inclusions in it resulting in the sparkling hole or cavity, seen in the geode stones. To know more about geodes, contact Geode designer Michal Mael.

Its Healing Properties

Geodes metaphysical characteristics make it ideal to heal energy works. During the yesteryears, geodes were highly auctioned. It was bid to the largest bidder and after completion of the auction, it was broken open for revealing the colours and dynamic patterns in the nodule stone's hollow cavity. Geodes can offer healing properties including physical, spiritual and emotional.
  • Physical- Owing to the geodes hollow cavity present inside, it is ideal for females facing fertility problems. It can heal a woman's reproductive system thereby improving the scope of pregnancy. In the case of the health of the baby, it can help in promoting balance within the body.
  • Spiritual- Akin to hypnotizing people with the glitter, this stone is ideal to ignite deity worship as well as chakra powers that are higher. Geode can help in Clairvoyance and fortune telling. When you use it on any crystal altar, it can assist in bridging the gap thereby introducing the user to angelic communication. Being a stellar travel stone it is excellent in case of meditation as well. 
  • Emotional- It is full of chi energy. Geodes, when utilized along with middle chakras, can offer complete stress relief. Should one be susceptible to losing temper easily, geode crystals can offer special cures. Besides, it can help in dispelling anxiety along with honing one's decision-making skills.
Geode crystals are available across the globe including India, Madagascar, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA. Today geodes are available in different types. No matter one uses it like a programming ritual, decoration or jewellery they can derive its real powers.

You can use amethyst geode as a feng shui or jewellery for boosting wisdom. Citrine can work wonders in sharpening the brain by honing understanding and knowledge. It can either be used as jewellery or kept in the wallet. The other widely used geode crystals include agate eggs which are ideal to bring physical stamina and quartz geode that can bring success and prosperity in the home. So which will be your pick? Choose wisely.