It is highly likely that you may have come across a situation where it is necessary for you to submit a doctor note for having taken a break from work or school. You may not have actually been sick, but the rules of the school or workplace may make it necessary for you to submit medical excuses. In such instances, the first option used by almost everyone is to search for resources on the internet. You may then end up choosing free doctor notes to submit. Here are compelling reasons which prove why this will not work always.

Limited options of medical conditions shown as reasons

Most of the free resources will obviously be limited. It needs to be understood that nothing comes free. Therefore the options that are available will either be limited or unsuitable. For instance, the choice of medical conditions that are shown as excuses may be limited. You will, therefore, end up with options that are not suitable. This is precisely why it is advisable to get medical notes from

Not all conditions apply to everyone. If you do not have adequate knowledge about certain medical conditions, you may end up choosing one that may not suit you. While it is true that you may not be aware of this mismatch, the school or your employer may actually be aware of this glaring mismatch. This is exactly why it is absolutely necessary to use the services of offers more choices that will justify your break.

Lack of validating features on the doctor notes

Any note issued by a doctor will carry certain validating features. For instance, doctor notes will typically have watermarks, logos, real names and signatures of doctors. In the absence of any of these clearly distinguishing features, it is highly likely that schools or employers may view the document with suspicion. As a result of this, it is possible that some kind of casual verification may be carried out. While it is highly unlikely that an extensive or in-depth verification will be undertaken, the casual verification is enough to reveal the truth.

Tailormade doctor notes that suit the individual

The use of a paid service will offer support in the form of creating doctor notes that are more suitable to the individual. For instance, the age, gender, and other health attributes are likely to be taken into consideration by an expert resource, while creating a suitable doctor note. This will ensure that the reasons for the absence are justifiable, which will thereupon result in the document being accepted at face value. Not only will this prevent the need for further effort, but it will also put at rest all apprehension.

The use of a paid service comes with the advantage of documents that can be edited, downloaded and printed at high speed and with great convenience. Factually correct, and medically substantiated reasons are the best excuses employee school students to submit to justify absence.