metals leading businesses

Nothing says sophistication like metal for your business signage. Custom metal signs will change how your target group sees your enterprise overnight. If you want to make a statement, pick 3-D metal signage with your eyes closed. These creative and unique designs will make your company name stand out in a crowded exterior wall or inside a dimly lit lobby.

One of the most significant advantages of picking metal signage is the sheer variety you can explore. Moreover, you can choose custom lighting, accents, and fonts to create an impression at first sight. Now, you can choose from various metals and alloys for your corporate signs. Here is a brief description of the different types of materials you can pick for your signage –

  • Aluminum - Aluminum is one of the most popular options for signage. It is durable and highly cost-effective. Customers can choose from anodized, polished, and natural stain variants. Check out the Shield Co blog for the pros and cons of the different aluminum variants in signage.
  • Brass – if you are looking for a sleek and satiny finish, the brass should be your metal of choice. It is a superior-grade alloy with a high tolerance for outdoor weather conditions. Although it is significantly costlier than aluminum, it is more durable and customizable than other metals.
  • Stainless steel – it is light, durable and flexible. It is a popular choice for several new businesses looking for a sophisticated and Avant-garde look. Solid stainless steel plates ensure the high customizability of metal letters. This alloy is an all-time favorite since it is a cost-effective solution for all business signs.
  • Cor-Ten steel – Cor-Ten steel is weather-resistant and pocket-friendly. The light but durable material is ideal for custom metal signs. It is best suited for all kinds of weather conditions. It can withstand direct sunlight, heat, and high humidity. It is possible to obtain a rusty finish using a Cor-Ten core material.
  • Copper might be one of the costlier metals you can choose for signage, but it has one of the most extended lifespans. It is also highly malleable and highly customizable when it comes to finishes. You can opt for a sleek and polished look or a hammered and rusty finish, depending on the sector of your specialization.
The suitable metal for your business sign can determine the future of your enterprise. Signage is the first thing people notice when they walk by an establishment or browse a business website. Giving a little thought and effort into designing your logo and recreating it on metal can make all the difference to your business.

Today’s businesses prefer custom metal signs since they offer a premium, professional, and elegant look in any setup. Whether you are thinking about redesigning your restaurant logo, recreating a bar or pub sign, revisiting your corporate signage, or re-envisioning the outdoor signage of your local office – metal signs can get your establishment the attention it deserves.