Furnaces are an absolute blessing in the chilly winters. They keep your home comfortable and ensure you avoid running into seasonal issues like bursting pipes. That said, they stay off for the more significant part of the year to get damaged or dysfunctional in the downtime. This is why you need to keep them in good condition. You should schedule a repair appointment when you notice an issue with your unit. However, according to https://www.centralhtg.com/blog/furnace-repair, "It may sound silly, but check the thermostat to ensure it is set on "heat" and that it is set at least five degrees above room temperature. You might be surprised how many service calls are made without checking this!"

Here are some common signs that a servicing is due:

Odd Smells

The first time a furnace is turned on after an extended downtime, the smell of fuel around the unit is pretty standard. This should, however, subside after it is left on for a while. You might have an issue on your hands if you notice a persistent strong fuel smell or a sharp smell that suddenly appears. Various topics can give way to these smells, like gas leaks or dust accumulation. They need to be checked out lest they should snowball into a more significant threat.

Problems Starting Up

Older or aging furnaces might need help starting up and not running smoothly. If you need multiple attempts to get it going and keep it running, then you should look for repairs. Usually, these issues arise from wiring faults or thermostat damage. A quick replacement should be enough to resolve the issue.

Pilot Light Color Changes

The pilot light is the primary indicator of the health of your furnace. Healthy pilot lights are usually blue, but if you see them change color to yellow or amber, you could face a severe ventilation problem. The color change indicates that harmful gases like carbon monoxide are not escaping the room as they should. If you are not careful, this could cause serious health issues and start a fire. You could repair your furnace with AAA and other such reliable and reputed names in the business.

Not Enough Heat Generated

This is one of the more natural factors to notice- your unit will just not be doing its job or not doing it well enough. Call for repairs if it produces no heat or a low level of heat, irrespective of your thermostat settings. Leaking ductwork causes treated air to dissipate before reaching you, and broken thermostats result in flawed temperature control.

Weird Noises

Furnaces aren't silent by nature, but you might have a faulty unit if you notice unnaturally loud noises that refuse to go away with time. When you call an HVAC contractor for repairs, describe the sound and try to replicate it, if possible, when they come over to inspect the system. Groaning and banging noises usually signify loose or broken components, while whistling and squealing mean the fan or belt could suffer.

Bad Air Quality

Your furnace will positively impact the quality of air in your home. An ill-maintained system will likely release dirt, bacteria, suspended particulate matter, and heated air. This should be noticeable and likely lead to an uptick in allergic reactions, colds, and respiratory issues. A filter replacement is enough to resolve this, but severe cases require full-scale cleaning.


If you notice something off with your unit, do not hesitate to call the nearest HVAC contractor. Schedule an assessment so they can determine the source of the problem and repair it before it is too late.