Movies and TV shows have always been great entertainment for family and friends to enjoy in the home. A great Sunday afternoon is best spent watching a new movie release or an old favorite.

Often, when people yearn for an enhanced watching experience, they venture out to the theaters. However, with improvements in technology and media over the years, there is no longer a need to venture out to the theaters.

Many have considered setting up a home theater but need to know where to start. The aim is to have a setup that provides maximum benefits to the user.

With that being said, a list of things to consider before watching your first movie on a projector was created to guide you. 

Take a look below:

Find the perfect area in your living room to set up your system

The space in which you set up your home theater system is the most important. The room must have proper light, as too much ambient light can cause glare on your screen.

You may also want to ensure that the walls are painted dark or black. When using projectors, darker rooms allow for better-quality viewing. Lastly, you will want a carpet on the floor to enhance your sound quality and retention.

Choose the best visual spot at the selected location

When choosing a visual spot, you want to ensure it is a reasonable distance from household items such as appliances and furniture. Generally, the distance between your screen and household items should be measured by multiplying 1.5-2 by your screen size.

Glares on your screen will disrupt your viewing quality. So, ensure that you select an area that is shaded from the glare of the sun or the reflection of windows and streetlights.

Choose the best watching device.

Television might be the most common option, but a projector will give you a better and bigger viewing screen. These days, televisions can do up to a 60-inch screen or more, but for a great home theater, you want a bigger screen that is more convenient.

You can adjust screen sizes with a projector to your liking and suitability. Also, you can choose different resolutions with projectors, typically the same as with a television 720, 1080p, and 4k Ultra HD. You are not losing out by selecting a projector; you are benefiting. Do some research to see which projector will be best for your home theater system's setup.

Consider getting a sound system.

With a bigger space and a bigger screen, it is almost certain that you will need to choose a speaker for a louder sound. For this, you have many options.

You can purchase a loudspeaker; this doesn't necessarily have to be an oversized item. Some small speakers today are as loud as prominent speakers from decades ago.

The next option is to go all out and set up a surround sound system. This way, the sound will be distributed to the whole room, and you will experience being in a traditional theater.

Consider decorating the room or selected area.

You can decorate by adding shelves where you will have the speakers. This will be great for neatness and hiding cords.

Another helpful tool would be a surge protector or extension cord. These will help you organize cords and also help protect your system in the event of a power outage. Consider making the space extremely comfortable as you will spend much time there.

Summing it up

After you've set it up, you can start planning your first event to celebrate. Plan a family movie night. Choose a fun family movie and purchase your favorite snacks. Tune in and enjoy. You deserve it. Once you consider the listed items, you will enjoy your first movie on your new short-throw projector.