"There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother... Oh, how I hated that little boy. And how I love him too."―Anna Quindlen

Is how you also would like to describe your brother. Isn’t? The love between you and your brother is sweet, fun, fierce, and messy but eternal. In fact, you couldn’t even imagine your life without him. Right? At times, he must piss you off, but most of the times he makes you laugh with his awkward sense of humor. This article presents you seven great reasons to make you realise that why your brother is one of the most important men in your life.

He Always Protects You

No matter how much he fights with you, he always makes sure you are safe wherever you go. And because no one else can make you feel protected and secure all the time as he does, you should send Rakhi to India for your brother on Raksha Bandhan no matter how far does he lives from you and pray for his longevity.

He Is Your Constant Friend

Your brother is probably the first friend you made in your life. He is the one with whom you had plotted against your parents and also fought for the TV remote when you were just a kid. And, even after growing up, he was the one with whom you shared your secrets.

He makes you laugh

Whenever you are sad or angry, your brother tries to make you laugh by cracking lame jokes and doing crazy stuff just like he used to do in childhood. And, he keeps doing that till your stomach hurts. Right? So, always try to reciprocate the same amount of love for your brother and build your bond stronger with him.

He Keeps Your secret.

Everyone has had some embarrassing and shameful moments in their life, and you are no exception. But, all those moments about which you shared with no one but your brother are still a secret. Although he teases you and also blackmails you mercilessly for them, he never exposed your secrets to anyone. This is the perfect time when you can shower your love for your brother with rakhi cards for your loved brother on special occasion.

He loves you unconditionally.

The best thing about having a brother is that you will always have someone who will love you unconditionally. He has been with you even in your worst, and he, still thinks that he cannot get a better sister than you. And, he keeps showing his love for you on various occasions by showering gifts upon you.

He Takes Stands For You

No matter how much he fights with you or insults you when someone else tries to demean you or fight with you, he cannot tolerate it. Even when your parents yell at you for something you did wrong, he steps forward to defend you and calm you down. Irrespective of a man or a woman, when someone tries to bully you, he just reaches out there to help you always.

You are blessed to have a brother in your life because you cannot get a better man than him in your life.