The internet has taken the world by storm. It has indulged itself into every perspective of life. And the ultimate change with the introduction of social media networking sites which has changed the way of communicating and spreading words. And now, social media networking site holds a primary role in the life of a human being. From personal to professional, social media has a role in every field. From online content to news coverage, information delivery to business organisation, it holds a significant part in every aspect of life. Even political parties have adopted social media and made it an essential part of their campaigning. It has been proven in recent years how social media propaganda can help the political parties to ace the elections. Using social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have immensely improved the political parties to raise awareness of their motto and also to raise fund for their parties. It has helped them to gather proper data of their supporters and, build electoral coalitions and even drive in more advocate through their online propaganda. The response of the online presence of the political parties holds an integral part in calculating their number of supporter.

Impact of Social Media on Campaigns

The usage of social media for election have started since the US presidential election where former US president Barack Obama used the social media sites for campaigning. He widely used Twitter for spreading his word and made it a primary ground for political discussion, advocacy as well as activities. Since then, for all the political parties, getting engaged in social media has become a central part in their electoral campaigns. It has become an essential part for the political parties to get engaged and maintain a twitter account. It has now become an essential part for the political parties connect with the voters. Social media acts as a communicating bridge between the voter and the electing candidates. With online life, legislators have another approach to speak with their constituents and supporters, briskly and effectively. In a fast 30 second post, they can achieve a vast number of individuals, giving an outline of their convictions on an issue, making a significant declaration, or a report on their lives. As a constituent, I need to hear what the general population who I voted in favour of are doing with my vote. I watch the news at whatever point I can, yet actually, most Americans don't watch the news day by day, yet most do check internet-based life. It's pitiful to state that we review web-based life more than the news, yet it's not something that will change in a flicker of an eye. So it's extraordinary to see legislators adjusting to the manner in which constituents live.

Online networking likewise considers government officials to make some important messages to the populace that partakes in web-based life. With online life, government officials can achieve entire new socioeconomics, including the more youthful generation. When you think about my age, you promptly believe about the age of internet-based life. We have fused internet-based life into most parts of our life, even school. Facebook gatherings and Twitter has been utilised for school extends and making Facebook pages for instructive purposes. So internet-based life unquestionably is a route for government officials to connect with the more youthful individuals. Online networking likewise considers lawmakers to appear to be typical as it were. It takes into consideration legislators to demonstrate a look at their lives to devotees and supporters.

Social networking is likewise taking into account media stages to participate. CNN, the Wall Street Journal, MSNBSC all are on the real internet based life stages as another approach to speak with more watchers. In the new snapshot refresh, numerous news outlets currently have stories where snap chat clients can tap on their logo and see the best stories on their site.

Internet-based life can't be a stage to goad contentions or make censorious and hostile remarks. It ought to be a path for government officials to create a space where political talk can happen, and as we've seen this, it is entirely conceivable. In general internet-based life gives a viable method to increment political cooperation, when utilised in the best possible way. It can make a more grounded bond between the lawmaker and the voter, and expanded trust is indeed something that we could use in all government officials.

Twitter over the years has established itself as the most proficient instrument in the election campaigns. It plays a vital role for the propaganda of the campaigns and to also raise the presence awareness of the electing candidates. There are numerous trick and tweaks that the political parties can adapt into their twitter handles for driving in more supporters. So, let us have a look at some of the most productive tricks that every political twitter handles should have.
  • Link accounts: Linking the account of political party's representative with the twitter handle of the political party is one of the best ways to drive in engagement and also raise awareness.
  • Header Image and Profile Picture: The profile picture and the header is one of the most important parts of the twitter handles as it will become aware the visitors about the page and what to expect. Having a high-quality picture of around 520 X 260 pixel is recommended. 
  • Have an Account biography: In the biography section, make sure that you have a made a short and crisp bio of the party along with all the achievements the party has achieved over the years. 
  • Target the influencers: The more followers you have on Twitter, the number of the follower of your party will also increase drastically. 
So, if you want to witness the growth of your party, then having a twitter handle is a must. Tweet, retweet, like and comment as the more you get engaged, the more people will learn about your presence. To know more regarding this you can click on the given link.