Radar detectors are far better than any of the devices which you could mount on the dashboard of your car and of course, it is quite easy to use than any of the tools which you could use. There is a lot to this device rather than just installing it in your cars and hoping that it would be saving you from any kind of speeding ticket.

If you own a radar detector, you need to know how to use radar detector. You need to make sure that your choices have consequences in every aspect and just for that, you need to know what each of the elements in your radar detector is going to do before you start pressing buttons randomly.

So, before you buy a radar detector, let us tell you some of the most common do’s and don’ts of using a radar detector so that you at least get to know what you are up to.

Know where to install your radar detector

The first thing which you should know about any kind of radar detector is the installation and that too a proper one. Even the best type of radar detector is not going to be of any use to you if it is not installed correctly.

If it is not mounted correctly, it is going to be installed in vain. The thing about radar detectors is that they should offer an unobstructed view of the road or if we put in another way, it should easily be able to pick out the police radar as well as laser gun’s signal fast. The time you install the radar detector, keep note of these things.

Every signal has a different meaning

As we told you already, you are only going to make the most of your radar detector if it is installed correctly. And if you want to be safe from any kind of police signals, you need to make sure you are familiar with all signs and alerts. Let us tell you what it is.
  • Ka Band – More than 70% of police radar guns are using this band. So, pay close attention to your radar detector when such signals pop up.
  • K Band – More than 30% of police radar guns are using this band and make sure you know it too.
  • X Band – This is a bit outdated one but still continues to be in some countries.
  • Laser – Used for regular highway patrols.

Act Fast

Once your radar has identified the signals, reach as quickly as you can. You might already be far from any kind of speed trap, but it is worthwhile to know that the cops might still record your car for over speeding. You don’t want any type of issues with your license or insurance. As such, slowly apply the brakes and watch out for any cops from the driveways or sides. If you slow down immediately, it even provides you with an opportunity to take advantage of the margin of error from the laser guns from cops. Make sure you slow down in time and see the conditions of the road also before slowing down.